Friday, September 22, 2006

Not having it

Picked up the new eye patches yesterday and thought I would introduce them to little man. So I "modeled one", and passed it onto Grandma to "try out", and passed it over to Great-Grandma... you know, so Nick could see others people wearing a patch... Nick decided he wanted one and grabbed one out of the box and held it over his eye like we were all doing. So far so good. Took the backing off to try to actually put it on him... Not having it. Perhaps I will succeed with the patch thing this morning. We'll see.

On a good note, yesterday I did finally finish the gusset on the purple sock and have moved forward onto the body of the earflap hat. I have a feeling that this hat may end up looking rather funky - which is okay with me because I've never really taken hats too seriously as my hubby can attest to. You see, I have "special hats" that I am only allowed to wear in his company while we shovel the driveway at 5 in the morning when it is too dark out and people are too tired to notice. Isn't he sweet? Ha ha ha. I should make some absolutely horrible looking hat and hide all of his other ones some morning so he is forced to wear it. Since he's not stubborn at all... there is no way that he would simply flat out refuse and just go snowblow or something without one. So much for my evil little plan. Too bad. Although I could proceed to make one and just sneak it into the car so I could wear it when we were going shopping or something... I'll have to think on that one :) I'd have to be really sneaky though and not put it on until we are actually in the store otherwise I think he'd just wait in the car. hmmm.

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago but I thought it would be appropriate with the amount of rain and overall dreariness that the past few days have provided. Little man does love to get wet! Rain, garden hose, shower... it matters not.

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