Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another one bites the dust!

Well, I did manage to finish the MSU hat last night with the exception of weaving in a few ends and attaching the braids which I did this morning. Now ladies and gentlemen, I give you the completed project: It's a little big on him but that's okay - that means that he will get more than one year's usage out of it. As far as the project specs go: run of the mill earflap hat made out of wool/acrylic blend doubled throughout on US 9's. Nothing fancy. Although, I did make a little "s" on each earflap - inspired by swell. I decided to throw it on once I finished it last night to get the hubby's feel for it. Not only did I get the 'eye roll' I also got a "good god" when I told him that I would have to make one for myself one of these days out of wool. I threatened to make one for him too but I thought he had had enough fiber for one evening so I didn't press it.

Speaking of fiber, I have a love/hate relationship with my spindle. I want to spin and as of now, it is the only means that I have to achieve my goal. The spindle and I just haven't seemed to hit it off. I would love a spinning wheel and have found a used Ashford Traveller that I may be able to obtain but I don't know yet. It's a single treadle and I would ultimately prefer a double but at this point I don't care. I'll take just about anything - I said "just about"... I do have some standards! If I let myself get even the tiniest bit excited about it the whole thing could fall through and I can't handle that right now - I'm too close. We have to be smooth about it. The mere possibility that I could actually spin with a wheel is giving me goosebumps. Must change subject before I jinx it.

Fall is here! I mowed the lawn last night and it looked beautiful. Let's be serious here, is there anything quite like the feeling of a freshly mowed lawn? Especially when you are the one who mowed it? I find it rather therapeutic actually. I've found that most women look at me like I sprouted horns when I say that but I have run into a few who also like to mow and use power tools. Anyway, got off track there. I go outside this morning to take some shots of the earflap hat (which didn't turn out so great hence the fact that they are not on this post) but I did notice this on the deck:
These babies are all over my lawn! You can't even see the lines the mower made today and it hasn't even been 24 hrs since I mowed it! Oh well. Looks like we will get a head start on this year's leaf pile! Sounds like little miss is awake. Gotta run!

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