Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mark Twain Lake - Camping Excursion - Day 2 - Back to the Woods

Once we got back to the cabins everyone else changed to swim at a different part of the lake.  I needed to get my daily walk in and since a) I don't like swimsuits and b) I don't like swimming in lakes, I took the opportunity to go for my daily FoggRun2017 and after walking around all 3 campsite loops, I hit the trails.  Here are some photos of what I saw during my walkabout. I had to make do with my phone since I didn't take my camera with me.

IMG_20170708_154519217 (2) IMG_20170708_154703911_HDR (2) IMG_20170708_154735412 (2) IMG_20170708_154820106 (2) IMG_20170708_154847868_HDR (2) IMG_20170708_154901322_HDR (2) IMG_20170708_154921621 (2) IMG_20170708_155212277 (2) IMG_20170708_155452380_HDR (2) IMG_20170708_155542760 (2) IMG_20170708_155617437 (2) IMG_20170708_155820759 (2) IMG_20170708_160028887 (2) 

The trail was nice because it took you deeper into the woods and then brought you back out to catch various glimpses of the lake. It was a really big lake. Parts were soft, parts were green, parts were rocky. Parts were steep, others smooth. It was a nice variety. I want to go back and explore some more!

 IMG_20170708_161056374_HDR (2) IMG_20170708_161234720 (2) IMG_20170708_161414373 (2) IMG_20170708_162101949 (2)

From this photo you can see the rocky shoreline close to where we were staying - look about halfway down the rocky portion of the coast and (if you enlarge the photo) you can make out the log little miss was sitting on.

 IMG_20170708_162108127 (2) IMG_20170708_162124264 (2) IMG_20170708_162138236 (2) IMG_20170708_162204641 (2) IMG_20170708_162326038 (2) IMG_20170708_163530374 (2) IMG_20170708_163657308 (2) IMG_20170708_163832408 (2)

One of the troubles with hiking with my phone was a few random shots like these.

 IMG_20170708_163851324 (2) IMG_20170708_154736942 (2)

Oh well :) Growing up there were some woods near my house and I spent countless hours alone in them; it was how I recharged.  Whenever I can spend time in the woods it's rejuvenating and feels like home at the same time.  Not everyone gets that though.  I was accused of being 'antisocial' because I opted to go for a hike instead of sweating on the beach and to that I say "suck it!".  I get it, though, not everyone is an introvert.  Sometimes though, I just like 'to be' and I'm still glad I went hiking!  ;)

Showers were had by all and after dinner I was gifted with another beautiful sunset.  The boys went fossil hunting while I sat and enjoyed the view.

DSC_0359 (2) DSC_0339 (2) DSC_0376 (2) DSC_0397 (2) DSC_0344 (2) DSC_0363 (2) DSC_0336 (2) DSC_0367 (2) 

Dinner that night was kabobs and smores of course!

 DSC_0302 (2) DSC_0421 (2) DSC_0312 (2) DSC_0315 (2) DSC_0327 (2) DSC_0325 (2) 

The light was too dark for my camera and phone but trust me when I say that H is a lightning bug catching machine! It was time to pack up and head home in the morning.

 IMG_20170709_092115474 (2) 

After saying our goodbyes, we stopped for one more view of the lake as we headed out.

 DSC_0433 (2) DSC_0437 (2) DSC_0425 (2) DSC_0422 (2) DSC_0439 (2) 

I'm sure we'll be back! With better mattresses though - the cabins were nice but the bedding was a bit lacking... A big "THANK YOU" to my SIL and her family for coming up with this excursion :)  As always, there are more photos on my flickr page for any interested parties.

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kelli ann & lorie said...

I haven't visited your blog in a while; So it's a bit of a shock to see how he minions have grown. (lame comment I know; Kids *do* grow, don't they?) the nature shots are lovely and your desire to take a hike by yourself resonates for me. What great, wide-open spaces we have all around us... Happy knitting as we ease into late summer/fall !