Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mark Twain Lake - Camping Excursion - Day 2 - The Caves

Saturday was a busy day.  After a quick breakfast we drove to Hannibal, MO to check out the Mark Twain Caves.  I grew up reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn so it was fun to walk around the area that inspired parts of the book.  Plus, we were able to learn a bit of history about the area :)

The Mighty Mississippi (as viewed from the car).

 IMG_20170708_103825516 (2) 

Evidently, the caves were originally discovered after a man chased his dog into this hole.

 DSC_0200 (2)

This is the main entrance now :)

 DSC_0204 (2) DSC_0201 (2)

I will admit, I have never been one to readily explore caves to the point that I can't easily find my way out or that there isn't at least some sort of light. I don't know, just not my thing. This trek was completely fine though since it was a guided tour with lights :) Aside from those few minutes that they turned off the light; that was a weird experience. I don't know that I have ever experienced absolute darkness before. Anyhoo, here are some photos of our tour. I think they were crazy back in the day to go in with nothing but a candle.

 DSC_0212 (2) DSC_0217 (2) DSC_0220 (2) DSC_0223 (2) DSC_0224 (2) DSC_0227 (2) DSC_0229 (2) DSC_0238 (2) DSC_0244 (2) IMG_20170708_112347128 (2) DSC_0267 (2) DSC_0282 (2) IMG_20170515_030258132 (2) IMG_20170515_025838910 (2) IMG_20170515_031025680 (2) IMG_20170515_031159892 (2) IMG_20170515_032348180 (2) IMG_20170515_032315854 (2) IMG_20170515_031904835 (2) IMG_20170708_112139819 (2) IMG_20170708_111217242 (2) IMG_20170708_111324358 (2) 

We were all rather hungry by the time we exited the caves so we stopped for a bit in Hannibal and headed back to the campsite. I'll stick my other photos on a new post :)

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