Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Spring Sports

This past month, we have been spending a lot of time at the soccer fields and the baseball fields...  Both Seasons are now at an end, though we have one baseball tournament left this week.

Little man's team didn't do too bad this year - I cannot tell you their win-loss record (the games are all blurring together at this point) but I think they ended up winning more than half.  I think.  It wasn't a wash, I'll say that ;)

He had a good time and I think he's feeling good about next year's team :) His preferred positions are Center Field, Pitcher, and Catcher but he even played second base and made some nice outs in the infield :)

  DSC_1021 (2)DSC_1028 (2) DSC_1016 (2) DSC_1014 (2)

 Little miss' team did better this year as well. They kept plugging away and we ended up in a lot better shape than we did last year and they participated in the Rec Tournament in Ames on a brutally hot and windy weekend. 

 DSC_0941 (2) DSC_0956 (2) DSC_0970 (2) DSC_0907 (2) DSC_0909 (2) DSC_0910 (2) DSC_0994 (2) IMG_20170610_143034030 (2) IMG_20170608_110745794 IMG_20170608_110751350_HDR

 I know, I have more photos of little miss - there just seems to be more action in a soccer game... What can I say? The PHSC were really chintzy this year and didn't provide medals for the teams; instead they got some thing you stick on your phone. So, I had medals made for our team. Oh, the Tsunami (our team) also got to be ball girls at a few SEP games this year. They had their picture taken with the SEP team after the game :) 

IMG_20170523_211806343 (2)

Assuming their ball games don't get rained out this week, I'll get more pics of little man in action!

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