Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend

Let's see, where did I leave off?  I might break this into a few posts...

When I left off, little miss had graduated Elementary School and we were heading into Memorial Day Weekend.  The Dreams in Fiber Household headed to the in-law's lake house and invited some of our neighbors to join in the festivities.

Fish were caught, lawns were mowed, trees were cut down and split, toads were caught (and released), fires were had, little man made bamboo flutes and drove a vehicle for the first time, and I took more nature/insect photos :)  Little miss is finally big enough to drive the lawn mower and I wasn't sure about

In no particular order...

IMG_20170523_153013666 (2) IMG_20170523_153016551 (2) DSC_0765 (2) DSC_0778 (2) IMG_20170528_150826554 (2) IMG_20170528_150801669 (2) IMG_20170528_122511569_TOP (2) IMG_20170527_212336043_TOP (2) IMG_20170527_193452285 (2) IMG_20170527_193440516 (2) DSC_0830 (2) DSC_0823 (2) DSC_0820 (2) DSC_0807 (2) DSC_0801 (2) DSC_0792 (2) DSC_0788 (2) DSC_0784 (2) DSC_0782 (2) DSC_0780 (2) DSC_0773 (2) DSC_0769 (2) IMG_20170527_193037838_HDR (2) IMG_20170527_193215655 (2)

It was a nice weekend - I wasn't sure how the neighbors felt about being on the blog so I kept them out of the post, mostly :) The weather was crazy on Saturday morning and the sky was pretty cool. Once all that passed, the weather was beautiful!

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