Monday, November 28, 2016

The Last 3 or 4 Months...

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, I thought it was probably time to put up some pictures that I took last Summer...  It's good to stay on top of things, you know ;)

This past Summer was a busy one - we had swimming through the majority of it, there were outings and family time and a little knitting thrown in...  Both of our tarantulas molted - this was huge because we thought our older one was done molting.  Here are some photos, we'll get those out of the way! This is Charlotte, our older one just after she exited her old exoskeleton. Look how pretty she is!!!

DSC_0066 (2)
This is Charlotte's old exoskeleton in my hand to give you a size comparison :) I have some pics of Rosie as well but we couldn't get her exoskeleton out of the enclosure until after it had hardened into a weird shape so I'll just put these up for now!

IMG_20160727_191253255_TOP (2)

One of our family outings this past Summer was to check out the Indianola Balloon Festival. We have gone before but it was a few years ago.
  DSC_0111 (2) DSC_0140 (2) DSC_0162 (3) DSC_0200 (2) DSC_0244 (2) DSC_0291 (2) DSC_0371 (2)
Our local library hosts a quilt class for kids age 10 and older.  Little miss had to wait last year because she wasn't old enough to attend but this year, she was able to sew a quilt for her very own :)
IMG_20160729_145453297 (2)
Little man was able to make another (because some of the kids didn't show so he could take the quilt class twice). He wouldn't show me the front - it was a surprise for me for my birthday!  Since they can only take the class twice, he cannot do it again next Summer but little miss wants to put her name down in case there are any openings!
IMG_20160729_143645317 (2)
The minions and I had a lot of fun exploring various parks and things while the weather was warm. Here are some random photos of our adventures.
  DSC_0535 (2) DSC_0516 (2) DSC_0540 (2) DSC_0549 (2) DSC_0550 (2) DSC_0555 (2) DSC_0601 (2) DSC_0616 (3) DSC_0663 (2) DSC_0669 (2) DSC_0680 (2) DSC_0683 (2) DSC_0698 (2) DSC_0711 (2) DSC_0718 (2) DSC_0723 (2) DSC_0725 (2) DSC_0750 (2)
The minions and I did hit the Iowa State Fair again this year - we spent time making quilts for charity and ended up donating 3 total quilts (one made by each of us).
DSC_0757 (2) nick quilt Kenz quilt
I made them hold mine up for a photo.
my quilt
I think I should probably break here, this post is probably a little photo heavy so I'll continue with another one!

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