Tuesday, July 05, 2016

4th of July Antics

This past weekend the Dreams in Fiber household headed back to the lake to celebrate the 4th of July and have a joint cousin birthday bash.

DSC_0669 (2) DSC_0677 (2) DSC_0692 (2) DSC_0698 (2) 

 The weather was perfect - well, perfect for me. It was cloudy and misty and cool!! I even got to wear wool socks for a bit :) Despite the overcast days, there was still many things to do outside like look for critters and other things. I'll just get these out of the way now ;)

 IMG_20160702_165508071_HDR (2) DSC_0618 (2) DSC_0623 (2) DSC_0630 (2) DSC_0634 (2) DSC_0643 (2) DSC_0654 (2) DSC_0663 (2) DSC_0801 (2) 
DSC_1167 (2) DSC_1173 (2) DSC_1282 (2) DSC_0959 (2) DSC_0975 (2) DSC_0933 (2) DSC_0931 (2)

Yes, this is a tree growing from the crux of a tree.

 DSC_0636 (2) 

Antoine, this is everyone. Everyone, this is Antoine.

 DSC_0583 (2) DSC_0594 (2) 

At first I thought he was just so overjoyed to meet me that he couldn't quite contain himself, but then I got to looking at him and decided that he must have been showing his displeasure at my lack of an appropriate scarf for him given the cooler temps. I'll have to make a toad scarf or something to have on hand should the occasion arise again...  Seriously though, wouldn't he look dashing in a red scarf with a bit of fringe at the ends???

 DSC_0598 (2) 

We also found a frog hiding out by the house. In my quest to make everyone love science and biology, I made people touch it just to prove that their hand will not fall off if they come into contact with something potentially slimy.

DSC_0891 (2)
DSC_0901 (2)
DSC_0897 (2)
DSC_0900 (2)

It can be a hard sell but I think I will triumph in the end.

The fishing wasn't too bad though. My BIL M caught a hefty bass and the hubby even caught some. Naturally I managed to catch the smallest one with the camera but proof is proof.

 DSC_0889 (2) DSC_1161 (2) DSC_1164 (2) 

Given the fact that it was the 4th of July weekend, the minions naturally had the desire to blow some things up but they were pretty good about keeping themselves occupied while they waited for nightfall. My SIL K brought out the giant bubbles.

 DSC_0980 (2) DSC_0994 (2) DSC_1001 (2) DSC_1016 (2) DSC_1038 (2) 

Smoke bombs seemed to be a big hit. I'm thinking it was more the novelty of lighting something on fire than the actual smoke bomb, but still.

 DSC_1046 (2) DSC_1044 (2) DSC_1048 (2) 

Bags were thrown.

 DSC_1072 (2) DSC_1075 (2) DSC_1079 (2) DSC_1147 (2) DSC_1149 (2) 

Sparklers were lit.

 DSC_0752 (2) DSC_0757 (2) DSC_0772 (2) DSC_0782 (2) 

More smoke bombs were lit.

 DSC_0790 (2) DSC_0793 (2) 

Parachutes were launched and found.

 DSC_0727 (2) 

"Mom? Can you untangle these for me?" No.

 DSC_0736 (2) 

H wasn't totally onboard with the whole firework thing but she had fun from a safe distance.

 DSC_0720 (2) DSC_0716 (2) 

We even had time to harvest some potatoes and pose for the obligatory family pictures (aka my favorite thing to do. ugh.).

DSC_0942 (2) DSC_0932 (2) 

Here's a couple of the Rippey Family.

 DSC_0924 (2) DSC_0916 (2) 

 How 'bout a few random moments before the firework photos? Sound good? Sure.

  IMG_20160703_122754099_HDR (2) IMG_20160702_165240895 (2) IMG_20160704_094150648_HDR (2) IMG_20160704_094711543_HDR (2) DSC_1083 (2) DSC_1104 (2) DSC_1118 (2) DSC_1129 (2) DSC_1141 (2) DSC_1176 (2) DSC_1185 (2) DSC_1187 (2) DSC_1190 (2) 

Happy 4th!

 DSC_0854 (2) DSC_0864 (2) DSC_0804 (2) DSC_1212 (2) DSC_1266 (2) DSC_1269 (2) IMG_20160703_212747508_TOP (2) 

Final moments before heading home.

 IMG_20160704_095313141 (2) IMG_20160704_095326753 (2) IMG_20160704_095851844 (2) 

I even got a bit of knitting done but I'm saving that for the next post!

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Mason & Karen said...

OK, I see how it is. You can post awful photos of me but I can't post a good one of you? Got it. Next time I'm not taking mine down ;) Other than that one - great pics! I love the one of the boys running up the driveway on their way to light more stuff on fire!