Thursday, June 30, 2016

High Trestle Trail

I know I promised a fiber post, and it is coming, but I needed to upload some pictures before the Holiday weekend so I can try to stay caught up.

I'll start it off with some backyard wildlife.

"Mom, come get your camera; there are 2 cool beetles on the Buckeye Tree".  I was a little late to the party and they were no longer on their own respective leaves by the time I got there...

DSC_0171 (2) 

 Nature. What can you do? We've also met some new friends on our deck. I'm really not sure how a frog got into one of the pots on our upper deck, but there he was.

 DSC_0190 (2) DSC_0218 (2)

I thought he was kind of cute. We put him back in the pot and then ran some errands.  When we got back, he was gone, so we have assumed that he is continuing his walk-about. 

DSC_0222 (2)

Little miss caught a moth while we were messing with the frog.

 DSC_0202 (2) DSC_0207 (2)

We've seen critters, now for the obligatory flora photo :)

 DSC_0183 (2)

Now then, the real reason I am posting is to add some pictures of yesterday's outing with my Mom, Aunt, Cousin, and nephew. We had a picnic at Cottonwood park and then hit the spillway.

 DSC_0224 (2) DSC_0230 (2) DSC_0247 (2)

The ever-present lure of uneven rocks...

 DSC_0252 (2) DSC_0255 (2) DSC_0267 (2) DSC_0270 (2) DSC_0282 (2) DSC_0290 (2) DSC_0313 (2)

Skipping stones.

 DSC_0323 (2)

As far as the spillway goes, the water levels were rather low. The kids had fun grabbing rocks and dropping them in to the raging waters below.

 DSC_0356 (2) DSC_0364 (3) DSC_0370 (2)

After Saylorville, we ventured up to the High Trestle Trail. Once again, this was a new adventure for the minions and I (we're using this Summer to explore things that we really should have visited already but haven't gotten around to it yet). It is such a cool bridge. The weather was beautiful and you could see for miles. We will definitely be heading back. Here are some photos taken along the bridge.

 DSC_0372 (3) DSC_0454 (2) DSC_0389 (2) DSC_0392 (2) DSC_0405 (2) DSC_0410 (2) DSC_0413 (2) DSC_0415 (2) DSC_0419 (2) DSC_0421 (2) DSC_0429 (2) DSC_0431 (2) DSC_0437 (2) DSC_0438 (2) DSC_0442 (2) DSC_0457 (2) DSC_0458 (2) DSC_0461 (2) DSC_0469 (3) DSC_0480 (2) DSC_0505 (2) DSC_0509 (2) DSC_0513 (2) DSC_0518 (3) DSC_0527 (2)

New friends.

 DSC_0496 (2) DSC_0499 (2) DSC_0535 (2) 
DSC_0542 (2)
It was a good day :) Have a nice 4th of July Weekend!!

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