Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring Break - Into the Woods

Well, into the outdoors anyway.  While we have been enjoying looking at other people's epic Spring Break photos on the social media sites, the Dreams in Fiber household isn't going anywhere crazy this year.  Staying close to home doesn't necessarily mean boring though so we've been trying to do something different each day. 

Last weekend we headed down to the in-law's lake house for a brief overnight.  Things have been a little wet on occasion lately so it was an overcast trip though it was nice to get fresh air just the same.

DSC_2205 (2) DSC_2209 (2) DSC_2215 (2) DSC_2274 (2) DSC_2279 (2) DSC_2227 (2)

The lake was absolutely calm.

IMG_20160313_091142 (2) DSC_2254 (2) DSC_2235 (2) DSC_2264 (2)
Then a largish something got frisky toward the middle of the cove and created some cool ripple effects.
DSC_2247 (2)
Other random finds.
DSC_2208 (2) DSC_2213 (2) DSC_2224 (2) DSC_2240 (2) DSC_2273 (2)
Little man and I went for a walk that almost immediately turned into a Save the Worms Effort where we collected handfuls off the road and we put them near higher ground and/or the garden.
IMG_20160313_113317745 (2)
IMG_20160313_112706720_HDR (2)
Monday was nice and warm so after I finished dyeing in the morning/afternoon we headed to a nearby park and did a bit of hiking.
  DSC_2281 (2) DSC_2286 (2) DSC_2289 (2) DSC_2293 (2) IMG_20160314_165857332 (2)
I've probably shown this before but it always reminds me of either a Fantastical Creature's lair or a secret entryway to another world. In reality, it's probably more of a hotel for numerous critters and creepy crawlies but it's fun to imagine other worlds...
DSC_2290 (2)
When we were there we found that they had opened up the area by the pond that we used to frequent but had been closed for quite some time. Turns out they leveled a lot of ground and got rid of some picnic tables and things so the parking is a lot closer to the pond area. It's kind of a bummer though because I used to use the now-removed rail tie stairs for knitting project photoshoots. Oh well.  It will be nice to be able to hike those trails again  :)
IMG_20160314_170758926 (2) IMG_20160314_170909325 (2) IMG_20160314_170928378 (2) IMG_20160314_171001875 (2)
There's something about a satisfying splash...
IMG_20160314_171011093 (2) IMG_20160314_171034271_HDR (2) IMG_20160314_171311757 (2)
Thank goodness for digital cameras. That's all I'm going to say and not mention how many shots it took to get this photo...
IMG_20160314_171531836_HDR (2)
Aren't they cute, though?
The park we went to has hiking trails and the pond and baseball fields and campgrounds and river access and a playground...
  IMG_20160314_173838607 (2) IMG_20160314_174110536 (2) IMG_20160314_174155014 (2) IMG_20160314_174355250_HDR (2) IMG_20160314_174415358_TOP (2) IMG_20160314_174418113_TOP (2) IMG_20160314_174514778 (2)
On our way out we decided to check out the river access area since we had never been to that part of the park before.
DSC_2296 (2)
Nothing much there, more of a ramp than anything but it was cool to check out and the minions are wanting to go back and investigate the train tracks a little closer sometime.
DSC_2304 (2)  
Tuesday was rainy in the afternoon so after I finished dyeing in the morning we started tackling things around the house.  Next up, Wednesday's trip to the Botanical Center :)

Oh...  completely random fact for you.  Little man found his lighter slug again.
DSC_2195 (2)

See this little hole on the side? Know what it is?  Show of hands???

DSC_2185 (2)

I didn't know what it was either. So I looked it up. According to the World Wide Interwebs... that little hole is called a pneumostome (aka the breathing pore or respiratory opening) and is found in land slugs and snails as it is part of the respiratory system of gastropods - it's easier to see in slugs though since they have no shell to hide it. It's also hard to discern at times when it is closed.

There you go.  The more you know.... You're welcome ;)

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