Sunday, February 28, 2016


2 posts in 1 month, who knew it was possible!!

As slow as January felt like it was going by, February zoomed by in a flash.  The minions had a piano recital of sorts, an orchestra performance, little miss had her 4th grade concert, and both had conferences at school...  I was poorly for about a week in there and I had 2 vendor gigs. 

Just like everywhere else, the weather here has been weird and rather warm.  We had some time to kill yesterday, while the hubby had baseball lessons, so I took the minions to the Raccoon River Park before heading to a birthday party that they were both invited to.  The trails weren't officially open yet but there was a good amount of people using them and taking advantage of the nice day.

DSC_1918 (2) DSC_1922 (2)
Parts of the lake were still rather frozen but parts have a nice headstart on their annual thaw.
DSC_1925 (2) DSC_1928 (2) DSC_1931 (2) DSC_1935 (2)
Honestly, it was just nice to get outside and moving again. Little man occupied himself by finding rocks that look like Star Wars ships and flinging many a stick around.
DSC_1971 (2)
Little miss was just happy to not have to wear a coat!
DSC_1985 (2) DSC_1986 (2)
I, as per my usual, enjoyed checking out the different textures and things in this weird not frozen but not thawed limbo.
DSC_1998 (2) DSC_1956 (2) DSC_1957 (2) DSC_1963 (2)
Can't resist the pull of the river.
DSC_2002 (2) DSC_2006 (2)
And to think he was confused as to how he got so much sand in his shoes...
DSC_2011 (2) DSC_2014 (2) DSC_2019 (2) DSC_2028 (2) DSC_2033 (2) DSC_2045 (2) IMG_20160227_102327 (2) IMG_20160227_103322 (2)
Boba Fett
DSC_2039 (2)
Kylo Ren
DSC_2044 (2)
We spent a brief amount of time at the playground and beach before picking up the hubby and heading to SkyZone for a birthday party.
IMG_20160227_114015 (2) IMG_20160227_114210020 (2) IMG_20160227_114307522 (2)
SkyZone was good. Up until the last 20 minute of jump time anyway which is when little miss landed in the foam pit and smashed her knees into her nose. It was a rather bloody affair, but we got it taken care of and she's doing just fine though her nose is going to be sore for a bit. These were taken before said incident...
DSC_2060 (2) DSC_2062 (2) DSC_2097 (2)
Earlier this month, little man informed me (the afternoon of the event, mind) that a poster he had helped work on was being displayed downtown among the artwork form the other DMPS schools. So, we headed down to check it out.
IMG_20160218_181124031 (2)
The view from above.
IMG_20160218_182007874 (2)
Both minions enjoyed watching the light display on whatever this is.
IMG_20160218_183236135 (2)
I did manage to get some knitting done this month amid vendor gigs, illness, and the other daily stuff. I finished up my Arne & Carlos socks for the Superbowl. Go Broncos!!!!!
IMG_20160207_145119 (2)
I also finished up the first sock for the assistant soccer coach at Simpson. I am guessing on the fit because her feet are larger than mine so I left in a lifeline so I can rip back and make alterations if I need to. Not sure when I'll see her to try them on, but I'm halfway done with the pair at any rate!
IMG_20160226_140516 (2)
Then, on a whim, I CO for another worsted pair for myself using up some of my Au Naturel yarns. Since the natural worsted weight has some nylon in it I thought they would make a nice squishy pair of socks :) 
IMG_20160226_141037 (2)
I'm a bit farther on this one now, but here's a WiP photo for the BB8 socks I'm making for little man.
IMG_20160226_141247 (2)
And I started and finished the first sock in another pair of socks for me but I can't show it yet because the colorway I used is part of the current DPP club that I am participating in. My yarn wont ship until May though so maybe I'll have a FO photo for you at that time! I should, unless I keep CO for more socks... Sheesh.  Too many socks right now to count and that's not including the other green pair that I started and need to design - something cable-y with lace I think.
March is almost here and is usually busier than I want it to be. Soccer will be starting up, Spring Break is in there, and I have more vendor gigs and things to dye for so wish me luck!

I almost forgot to show you little man's new buddies.  They live by our mailbox.
DSC_1909 (2)

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