Saturday, November 07, 2015

FO's at the Retreat

Today was day 1 of the KnitXMidwest knitting retreat held at the Walnut Woods Lodge.  I thought it might prove to be a pretty background for some FO photos so after lunch I went for a little walkabout and finally got some photos of some of my recent projects.

It was a beautiful day and I was able to get down to the waters edge.
DSC_0981 (2) DSC_0982 (2) DSC_0983 (2)

First up are my Halloweentown Socks. This was a new colorway this year and was knit up on the Glint Sock base. I rather liked how they turned out and will definitely be putting out a few more skeins in this colorway next year :)

DSC_0984 (2)

Next is the Handbrake Cowl. The yarn is my handspun using a BFL roving my friend Krysten dyed for her Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Club a few years back.

DSC_1014 (2) DSC_0997 (2)

These are some scarves that I wove for the Vintage & Made Fair. I ended up keeping the blue one, little man claimed the stripey one, and I'm not sure who the other will go to yet.
The blue one is my #9 colorway (for the 9th Doctor) on my Superwash Merino DK base.

DSC_0979 (2)
The stripey one is my Yukon colorway (self-striping) on my Superwash Merino Aran base.

DSC_0986 (2)

And the other is my Mulled colorway on my Donegal Tweed Aran base.

  DSC_0993 (2)

Remember earlier this year how I was lamenting about how I needed a new pair of mittens for myself so I CO a pair and didn't have enough yarn to finish the second mitt? Well, I finally got around to finishing the second. I ended up knitting the cuff out of some leftover Sea Serpent colorway that I had from little man's pair, and I knit the rest using the Knocker colorway. I don't think many people will see the green sticking out of my coat sleeves and if they do, so what?

DSC_1003 (2)

I have made a lot of progress during the retreat on a few projects today which is nice. My normal knitting crew didn't attend this retreat - I wasn't going to either - but one of my friends from Cedar Rapids let me know that someone she knew had to back out and there was a ticket available so I said "Sure, I'll check it out" and here I am :) 
My advent calendar prep is still going on but I am nearing the end (thankfully), and I am still plugging away on other projects as well. The hubby took the minions to the in-laws' lake house for the weekend since I will be knitting at the retreat.  It's always weird to be home when it's so quiet...
Here are a few more photos from my walk today.

DSC_1005 (2) DSC_1026 (2) DSC_1027 (2) DSC_1028 (2) DSC_1030 (2)

Most of the leaves have fallen but there were still some on a few trees.

DSC_1033 (2) DSC_1035 (3) DSC_1039 (2) DSC_1045 (2)

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