Saturday, November 21, 2015

First Snow of the Season = Snow Minion Time!

Yesterday the majority of Iowa (and a healthy chunk of the Midwest) were visited by Winter Storm Bella.  Naturally the weathermen were overly excited about having something to talk about and the grocery stores were inundated by droves of individuals that equate snow with the end of times, but that's neither here nor there.

The first snow of the season means something different to me...  It means the Snow Minions will be out to play :)

It wasn't too long ago when the Snow Minions looked like this.

IMG_7428 IMG_7443 IMG_7344
As the seasons have changed, so have the minions. I took these pictures of the Snow Minions this morning.
  DSC_1112 (2) DSC_1120 (2)
As always, they love to frolic around in the snow and their confidence has grown steadily throughout the years which means that their early tentative play has evolved into something a little more daring at times. Today the minions put in a little work before heading out to play - the driveway and sidewalks needed clearing. After a brief warm-up period indoors, I spotted the Snow Minions entering their playground, sled in hand. The elder Snow Minion was having fun pulling the younger Snow Minion around the yard.
DSC_1093 (2) DSC_1099 (2) DSC_1104 (2) DSC_1157 (2)
DSC_1137 (2)
The younger Snow Minion took a brief break to create a snow angel.
DSC_1073 (2)
The snow that fell yesterday and overnight was thick and heavy but had changed by morning to a lighter non-packing weight. While this isn't the best for a snowball fight, the Snow Minions found other ways to use the snow in fun ways.
DSC_1150 (2) DSC_1189 (2) DSC_1190 (2) DSC_1179 (2) DSC_1181 (2) DSC_1183 (2) DSC_1185 (2)
"Look at this big chunk." "Cool, let me slice it in half." Snow Ninjas!
DSC_1197 (2) DSC_1198 (2) DSC_1199 (2) DSC_1201 (2) DSC_1202 (2) DSC_1205 (2)
I stood back and watched them play, snapping pictures now and again before my hands got too chilly.  While they were dressed for play, I was not.
DSC_1207 (2) DSC_1215 (2)

Stay Warm!

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Mason & Karen said...

Oh the evolution of the snow minions...if only there were a way to stop time.