Sunday, January 11, 2015

Before the Snow

This past week has been cold and snowy!  Before that, though, the Dreams in Fiber household headed to the in-law's lake house.

As mentioned in previous posts, little man and I went out to scout locations for a handknit photo shoot. Here are some of the places we went/things we found.

DSC_1004 (2) DSC_0002 (2) DSC_0009 (2) DSC_0016 (3) DSC_0911 (2) DSC_0966 (2) DSC_0985 (2) DSC_0981 (2) DSC_0992 (2)
Afterward, little miss and I decided to climb a tree and check things out by the water.
DSC_0029 (2) DSC_0068 (2) DSC_0084 (2) DSC_0075 (2) DSC_0087 (2) DSC_0097 (2) DSC_0104 (2) DSC_0114 (2) DSC_0127 (2) DSC_0129 (2)
Now that baseball season has begun we probably will not get down there again until sometime late March or April. So far we're staying nice and warm and trying to get some things done around the house. I have also begun to dye for an upcoming vendor gig that will take place at the end of February as well as creating a few new patterns for another vendor gig happening in June :)
Stay warm!

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