Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A New Day

School is upon us once again, this time, with a stormy beginning.  Literally.  Storms were rolling through this am when I was trying to get the annual back-to-school shot so they turned out horrible.  We tried to "recreate" it a bit this afternoon but those didn't turn out quite like I had expected either.  Here's what I got (after more than one attempt)...

DSC_0316 (2)
Little man wore his back-to-school socks today but little miss opted not to which is fine. She's got a pair to keep her warm this Autumn/Winter. The "photoshoot" sort of went downhill from there.
DSC_0319 (2)
In the end, I did get a few solo shots ;)
DSC_0323 (2) DSC_0318 (2)
Both had a good day and were glad to be back in school which is all I can ask for :)

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Mason & Karen said...

Daaaaaaang. Third and Fourth graders. Great solo shots ;)