Sunday, July 06, 2014


The Dreams in Fiber Household had a rather low-key 4th of July this year.  I started my day by working at the hospital and once I got home, we headed to the in-law's lake house.  I was dead tired but the weather was nice and the minions wanted to blow a few things up at the very least so.....

They started small with whatever these were and sparklers while they waited for the sky to darken a little more.

DSC_0038 (2) DSC_0017 (2) DSC_0074 (3) DSC_0076 (2) DSC_0066 (2) DSC_0101 (2) DSC_0080 (2) DSC_0087 (3)
I tried to keep the bugs away while meandering around. I happened to catch a firework exploding while I was taking photos of the sunset. Everyone did their own thing while waiting for night to fall.
DSC_0110 (2) DSC_0007 (2) DSC_0054 (3) DSC_0115 (2) DSC_0112 (2)
Soon enough darkness fell and explosions took place. Not all of them ended well.
DSC_0131 (2) DSC_0145 (2) DSC_0043 (2) DSC_0154 (2)
Little miss was the most excited about the spinner.
DSC_0165 (2) DSC_0167 (3)
Little man was pleased to light off the Lusitania.
DSC_0199 (2)
The boat made it through the explosion and the following storm so little man thought it deserved a "proper burial" which consisted of a temporary sinking and was then disposed of properly.
DSC_0212 (2)
The Saturday was a rather lazy day. A huge storm came through and it rained for a number of hours. Then little man found out what happens when you accidentally slam your finger in the door - the door wins. I will spare you any gory photos but it's a bit mangled. He'll live though, and perhaps he will remember this little life lesson...
Today was sunny and muggy. The hubby was helping with more projects so I took the opportunity to look for signs of life. The 17-year cicadas are all gone now but I found some new friends during my walkabout.
DSC_0246 (2) DSC_0252 (2) DSC_0247 (2) DSC_0221 (2) DSC_0231 (2) DSC_0236 (2) DSC_0226 (2) DSC_0219 (2)

In the meantime, I have been busy creating. The designing muse hit once again and I have been working on a few new patterns so stay tuned for those. Yes, despite all my current WiP's, Must Cast On All The Things!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have made good progress lately though on a few projects so hopefully I will have photos of those before too long :)

Hope you had a nice Holiday Weekend!

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Mason & Karen said...

Hannah said "NeeNee, Nit, boat, and flower" at the appropriate pictures. She's very excited to see familiar faces on the screen!