Monday, June 23, 2014


The Dreams in Fiber household spent the past week at the in-law's lake house along with my SIL K and her family. During our stay I met a new friend named Sebastian. Sebastian is a Floriculturist from the East Coast and he had heard that he flowers were starting to bloom here in Iowa so he hitched a ride to the Midwest. He's a rather quiet fellow and I almost stepped on him while I was taking pictures of some of the flowers. We got to talking and I showed him some of the "hot spots". I asked him if he new Norman and Violet but he said "no" though he would like an introduction; he and Norman look like they could be related - the resemblance is uncanny!
DSC_0221 (2) DSC_0209 (2)

Sebastian has traveled all over the world in search of rare flowers and plants that he can use in his arrangements. Through his travels, he has learned to speak German, Portuguese, and French, he has a weakness for Italian food, and is convinced that there is a special plant hidden deep within the Arctic Circle that he hopes to unearth someday.

DSC_0223 (2) DSC_0230 (2)

Ever-so-slowly, Sebastian made his way through the garden, discovering a few other handmade items in the process. Little miss and her cousin H both have Summer birthdays so we had a wee celebration while everyone was in town. Time was of the essence but I managed to crochet a little bag for my niece H (with different floral motifs for each side) and crocheted little miss a shawl that she has been wanting me to make for her; both she and little man picked out yarn last Summer specifically for reading shawls and little man's is now in progress.

DSC_0224 (2) DSC_0225 (2) DSC_0193 (2)

Sebastian found the shawl particularly comfortable and decided to take a snooze before he hitched a ride out to Oregon; he is going to stay with my SIL's family for a while while he explores the flora and fauna out West :)

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