Monday, December 09, 2013

Proof of Knitting... and Crochet

I have a few FO's that I can post now that I finally took pictures of them :)

Earlier this Autumn the librarian at our school commented on a pair of fingerless mitts that I was wearing at the time so I filed that little nugget away for future use, planning to knit her a pair for Christmas this year.  Then the first real cold blast hit and she mentioned that she could use a warm pair of mittens this year so mittens it is!  She's from the Philippines originally and she's never quite gotten used to our Winters which is completely understandable.

I had a skein of Mountain Colors 4/8 wool in the stash and I decided to knit up one of my earlier patterns - Mittens for the Fishermen.  Yeah, gonna have to revamp that pattern and make new charts one of these days.  Anyway, I got the mittens made and gave them to her today.

winter projects 012

I'm happy to report that they "are a perfect fit" and she was thrilled that her hands will be nice and toasty :)

I also handed in a pair of earwamers that another teacher asked me to make for her.  That almost sounds like I am turning in homework ;)  She just wanted 2 pairs of earwarmers, one more natural, the other a bit more bright, and she didn't care about anything else.  I dove in the stash/scrap pile and came up with these two.  The first is Malabrigo leftovers.  Mmmmmm, so soft.  Love Malabrigo.

winter projects 008

And the other was a made using Dream in Color Classy leftovers.

winter projects 010

I used two different patterns for the main body but used the same flower pattern for both.

That's all for now, lots to do!  I'm on a roll though - 3 posts in 2 days!  I didn't think it was possible :)

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