Saturday, October 19, 2013

October Antics

October is definitely flying by!  The Dreams in Fiber household has been busy.  Busy at school, busy playing, busy working.  Despite the cold and wet weather, we decided to go out and enjoy the Annual Farm Crawl earlier this month.  We decided to skip the corn maze this year, but went to the apple orchard, the pumpkin patch, and the Blue Gate Farm for honey, cinnamon rolls, and root beer.  It was fairly drizzly and sprinkling when we arrived at the orchard so I didn't bring out the camera but we did bring home a half bushel of apples and have been working through the bag.  It's been a good year for apples.  I was lucky enough to get some from the farm last month and those were quickly devoured so we needed a fresh supply!

Then it was on to the Blue Gate Farm.  I like this farm because it hosts a variety of things - honey, fiber, jams, angora bunnies, root beer, cinnamon rolls, a plethora of veggies, and it has a bunch of other fun things to check out while meandering about.

october antics 004
october antics 012
october antics 019_crop
october antics 020
october antics 026
october antics 045
october antics 024

Then it was off to the Pumpkin Patch.  Chances are, if you are in search of a specific type of pumpkin and/or gourd, this place has it.  We walked away with 4 pumpkins and an armful of smaller assorted gourds that are currently decorating the house.

october antics 046
october antics 051
october antics 056
october antics 070
october antics 072
october antics 064
october antics 075
october antics 066
october antics 067
october antics 068

Does anyone know why these warty and peanut pumpkins seem to be everywhere this year?

october antics 052
october antics 061
 october antics 073

I'll have to start learning more about pumpkins - I had no idea that there were so many different types!  Maybe I'll just leave the selecting process to little man.

october antics 047

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