Sunday, October 20, 2013

Experiencing Autumn

There are certain things we come to look forward to every Autumn and the minions, hubby, and I have been enjoying every single one as we experience them.  Aside from the trees' changing colors, we get to watch the woolly caterpillars scoot across the road, all of the spiders and box elder bugs try to get into the house (we haven't hit lady bug season yet so we have that to look forward to), the hubby gets to spend his spare time trying to terrorize the annoying squirrels as they come right up to our deck door in search of food, and we get to play the how-many-leaves-will-make-it-into-the-garage/house-in-a-day game.  But, with the temps dropping into the 30's Fahrenheit it also means that WOOL SEASON IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy getting the woolens washed and ready to go, handknit socks are into full rotation, and I even finished a pair!  I have mentioned it before that I always seem to have a Stockinette sock on the needles; since I don't have to think about what I'm doing, it is perfect to have them as a travel project.

 october antics 171

I called these my "Der Socks" on Ravelry because when I cast them on earlier this year (in January mind) I was having one of those days where I really didn't want to have to think about anything.  I was headed for Knitting and all of my WiP's at the time were involved and I needed something mentally-soothing so I stood there staring at my stash and remembered that this sock yarn had been caked and sitting in the stash for years so I grabbed it and my needles and threw them in a bag and headed out the door.  Since the socks were for me, they sat untouched for months at a time while I worked on other projects, but that was fine as the warmer weather had arrived.  When school began, these socks turned into my walking-to-get-the-minions project and a few rows here and a few rows there manifested into a finished second sock just in time for cooler temperatures!

october antics 174

Nothing exciting, just a plain Stockinette sock with a little bit of shaping and my normal heel.

october antics 175

They are lovely and warm and have been worn several times since they were finished. 

I took those pictures last weekend when the Dreams in Fiber household headed to the in-laws to shovel gravel and move bricks around.  I did manage to find time to meander around with my camera though.  Here are some shots of the weekend.

Little miss caught her first grasshopper!  Grasshopper season is coming to a close and I love how she caught her first in a girly fashion - she didn't want to have to touch it so she used a leaf as a barrier ;)

october antics 090
october antics 080

Did you notice the front teeth?  She is asking Santa for her teeth this year for Christmas...  

october antics 111

We have started our lap project at the school again this Fall - for every 10 laps (translates to just over a mile) the students get a toe token.  Little man has ran the most laps out of anyone in the school - more than 11 miles now - and has several more tokens now, but this was his haul after 4 days of running.

october antics 107
october antics 103

Little man was occupied with the gravel pile and projectiles, little miss was working on a puzzle, so I headed around to see what I could find.

october antics 233
october antics 249

I was taking pictures of these fall colors when a new friend landed.

october antics 120
october antics 123_crop
october antics 129

I watched him give himself a spit bath and then moved on.

october antics 140
october antics 143_crop
october antics 160
october antics 179
october antics 184
october antics 196
october antics 207
october antics 200
october antics 210

I had made my way up to the garden area and was bending down to take a picture of the green peppers when I felt eyes on me.  Turns out several eyes were on me...

october antics 211
october antics 211_crop

I thought he was rather cute.  Hairy, but cute.

Shortly thereafter we all went for a walk.  Little man pulled little miss the entire way.

october antics 258_crop
october antics 266
october antics 269
october antics 270
october antics 283

The minions went back to the house and I went back up to the corn field that is close to their house. 

october antics 304
october antics 291

I brought them back a bit of stalk/husk and was met with "Where'd you get that?"  Corn field.  "I want to go!".  Alrighty then.  The minions and I headed up to the field so they could explore.

october antics 324
october antics 333
october antics 327

It was a decent-sized field and I let them get pretty far out there before I called them back.

october antics 350
october antics 355
october antics 339
october antics 357

Soon after it was time for the last boat ride of the year, more spiders, and a fire.

october antics 415
october antics 408_crop
october antics 430
october antics 439
october antics 496
october antics 492_crop
october antics 483

Back at home, there is no rest for the weary.  These are everywhere and the trees haven't really even dropped half of their leaves yet.

our own backyard 006

That fact didn't stop the minions from raking up a little pile yesterday though ;)

our own backyard 008

I am really focusing on trying to be present because when I start thinking about what I have left to dye and Holiday Knitting and everything else my eye starts to twitch.  One day at a time, right?  The jobs are going well, really wish I could drop the hospital job (but we'll see how that goes), and knitting has been happening.  I am designing my own cardi for little miss and have both fronts finished and am about a third of the way through the back.  Here's hoping I have enough yarn...  I have a few other projects nearing completion so hopefully I will find time to snap pictures of those!  Until then, we will be staying warm and cozy with woolens and tea :)  Maybe I'll find time to finish and photograph my latest project - Geeky Cross Stitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If I'm going to cross stitch, it has to be with a Geeky/SciFi flair :)

our own backyard 024

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Mason & Karen said...

Several things: 1) Love your new socks, 2) Little Miss lost teeth!! (and way to go on the grasshopper), 3) Tell Little Man he can teach me a thing or two about running, 4) your fall photos are beautiful, as usual. Love the little hairy guy with all the eyes, 5) The pic of them in the cornfield is cracking me up - so much sass!