Monday, August 19, 2013

Outdoor Adventures

The minions go back to school on this upcoming Thursday.  I swear it was June yesterday.  The minions are very excited to go back and see their friends and I have finished little man's back to school socks and am almost halfway finished with little miss' pair.  I should make it.  Maybe next year I will start knitting them earlier, especially since little man's feet are only a half size smaller than mine.  Of course I said that last year....

Cooler temperatures stopped by for a visit last week so the minions and I met a few of my Knitting ladies at the park for knitting and outdoor adventures.  There was a playground there for the kids to play on as well as a handful of trails to explore and fungus.  Lots and lots of fungus.  Here are some pictures of our outing.

park outing 074
park outing 076
park outing 079
park outing 091
park outing 101
park outing 107
park outing 117
park outing 126
park outing 134
park outing 142
park outing 146
park outing 165
park outing 174
park outing 177
park outing 178
park outing 191
park outing 194
park outing 197
park outing 202
park outing 214
park outing 215
park outing 227
park outing 229
park outing 239
park outing 246
park outing 249
park outing 257_crop
park outing 276_crop

Remember last March when little man had to get new bifocals?  Well, he had a decent growth spurt this Summer to the point where he saw better without his glasses so he hasn't been wearing them very often.  After his Allergist appointment last last week, I swung by his eye doctor's office on a whim to have his glasses tightened up before school and it turned into a very fortuitous visit.  While we were there I told them about what was going on with his vision and after inquiring about when the earliest time insurance would allow him to be seen again (so we could address the change in his eyes/prescription) they were able to find a loophole and smuggle us in right then and there due to a canceled appointment.  o.O  That never happens!  It worked out for the best though because, by getting him checked out then, we were able to find out that little man had had a huge change in his vision (thanks to his growth-spurt) and he is no longer far-sighted but near-sighted.  No wonder he saw better without his glasses!  We should get his lenses a few days after school starts so all will be well.  Until he grows again....  Little man is now only 6 inches shorter than I am.  I'm not sure how I feel about that given the fact that he is still only 8 but he is just delighted about it!  I suppose it was inevitable though...

I should get going on little miss' school socks... 

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Mason & Karen said...

Who doesn't love a good fungal outing?! ;) I love the pic of them on the bridge. Cute kids ya got there, lady! That's crazy about the vision change, I wasn't aware it could happen so drastically so fast...glad you got an immediate apt.