Sunday, August 04, 2013

Bumbling - the Non-Fiber Portion

I've lost track of how many times I told myself to make time to sit and blog these past few weeks but it's been busy!  Summer is winding down and we're trying to infuse every last second with some fun :)  It hasn't been all fun and games though, like the many bumbles I watched last weekend at the in-laws' lake house, I have been busy behind the scenes crafting away.

Like I mentioned, last week the Dreams in Fiber Household headed down to the lake for a little while while the weather had cooled off a little bit.  It was so nice to go outside and not have that heavy heat curtain fall on you the second you step out the door.  There were bumbles galore!  Big bumbles, wee bumbles...  Actually, it was a pretty good weekend for creepy crawlies all around!

Bumbling 610
Bumbling 062_crop
Bumbling 151_crop
Bumbling 170_crop
Bumbling 207_crop
Bumbling 244_crop
Bumbling 198_crop
Bumbling 335_crop
Bumbling 342_crop
Bumbling 597_crop
Bumbling 030
Bumbling 020_crop2

Of course, how could the bumbles not be busy working with all of these lovely flowers in bloom??

Bumbling 081
Bumbling 106
Bumbling 098
Bumbling 100
Bumbling 107
Bumbling 295
Bumbling 268

I love Queen Anne's Lace.  It's like a friendly reminder that Winter will be back before we know it because each flower is different, just like snowflakes.

Bumbling 270
Bumbling 260
Bumbling 289_crop
Bumbling 280

The hubby even got a little bit of fishing in.  If you look close, you can see the baby bass in the water.

Bumbling 598

After taking a walk, the evening air actually had a little crispness to it so the minions thought a fire/smores were in order.

Bumbling 409
Bumbling 391
Bumbling 404
Bumbling 429

Evidently there is a learning curve where smores are concerned...

Bumbling 453
Bumbling 487
Bumbling 495
Bumbling 491
Bumbling 520
Bumbling 504

So where are all the crafts?  This post is getting a little photo-heavy so I'll split this post into two as well.

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