Friday, June 07, 2013

Older Than I Thought

Little man and I had a conversation this morning that I thought perhaps a few of you might relate to so I thought I would share.

Earlier today, little man came bounding into my room with something clutched in his hand.  Don't worry, it wasn't a bug.  It was a  Susan B. Anthony Silver Dollar.  He was incredibly excited about it and immediately launched in to some of the history surrounding the confusion between the Susan B Anthony and a regular quarter...  I finally got to look at it and noticed that it was minted in 1979.

Little man, did you see what year it was made?
Do you know what year that was?
"Yeah, like a Thousand Years Ago!"
o.O  That was the year I was born! (said with slight annoyance)
o.O  You were born in the 19's?  You were born in a whole different century??????  He looked absolutely aghast.  Then he started laughing maniacally and left the room with me shouting behind him "I'm only 33, Dude, not 1000!"  More laughter...  Evidently I am older than I thought.

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Mason & Karen said...

1979!? That is SUPER old ;) I myself was born in 1980.