Thursday, April 25, 2013

Where Did I put the Pause Button?

Spring is finally here.  Sort of.  It's still pretty chilly but green grass is starting to grow, birds are chirping, and baseball season has begun.  Sort of.  It's been an odd Spring, what can I say? 

Due to some nasty weather, all but one of little man's baseball practices has been canceled thus far and his first game was rained out.  The two games he has had this week have not been pleasant - the first was cold/windy/rainy, the second, cold/windy.  Somehow though, that has not deterred little man.  The change in him from last Season to now is fun to watch.  The hubby has been working with him despite not having team practices and he has a confidence about him and an enjoyment that I didn't see too often last season.

baseball april 2013 033
baseball april 2013 036_crop
baseball april 2013 037

He's pretty fierce...

baseball april 2013 055_crop

His team was outplayed last night by their opponent but our team did pretty well given they only had 1 official practice and 1 game under their belts at that point.  Little man did well in the field and had a couple good hits.  He was having fun and that is what I like to see :)

Little miss has been a good sport about watching her big brother while freezing at the games.  She is having fun at her dance classes and has been getting ready for her recital in June.

I can't believe it is almost Summer already.  Little man came up to me this morning before school and said "Mom, I am just so excited about next week."  What's next week?  "Well, we have our Field Trip and VIP Day and our Walk-A-Thon".  Wow, how did all that sneak up on me.  Suddenly May is around the corner and I feel completely unprepared for it.  The sitter we had for the minions last Summer on the days that I was stuck working can't babysit for us this year and I have been unsuccessful so far in finding a replacement.  This is not sitting well with me, not at all.  Especially when, judging by how things have been going lately, I am going to blink and June will be staring me in the face.  

I suppose the reason that I was surprised by the date on the calendar is because I have been busy these past two weeks planning out Dreams in Fiber things for the rest of the year.  May's arrival means that I will be dyeing for the Dreaming Pickle Pot's (DPP) Collaboration Club - CAMELOT.  My Camelot shipout months are June and August.  July is my shipout month for the DPP DIVAS Club - the third installment.  And starting in September I will be putting out limited edition skeins in the Shop.  September's limited edition skeins will be the Wind in the Willows.  I dyed up the prototypes last week.

wind in the willows 001

Left to right: J Thaddeus, Badger, Ratty, and Mole.

October will be 4 colorways inspired by the Legend of Sleepy Hollow - Schoolmaster, Midnight Rider, Tarrytown, and Object of Affection.  Prototypes will be dyed next week if I can squeeze it in to my overflowing schedule.

Then in December, I will be listing limited edition skeins in my "In the Spirit" Series - All Aboard, Dreaming of a..., Yukon, and I am pulling Under the Tree out of retirement.  Those prototype skeins will be dyed shortly after the Sleepy Hollow skeins.  More details can be found in my Ravelry Group.

In my spare time... yeah... I have been working on my patterns for Camelot - there will be 3.  One is finished, the other two are on the needles.  Other than that, there hasn't been much work being done on my WiP's.  I did finally take some pictures of some of the projects I had been working on/finished in the last month.

I was thinking I might participate in the Annual Potholder Swap but after the minions saw the 2 that I had completed, they claimed them for our house so instead of swapping, I got two new potholders out of the deal, used up some stash making them, and didn't have to pay anything for shipping ;)

circles everywhere 001
circles everywhere 003

And in keeping with the circle theme, I was doing pretty well on the circles for my latest blanket WiP.  There are 13 colorways in the kit that I am working with and most of which are a bit out of my normal color palette, but that is alright - it will be a nice cheery blanket when all is said and done.  I started by crocheting a circle out of each colorway (just to see what they would look like) and then I continued to crochet all of a colorway at one time so I have 6 colorways done now (10 total circles per colorway) with 7 colorways to go.  I think it's been 2 or 3 weeks now since I've worked on any of them though.  I should probably pick that back up.  After I finish my Camelot patterns....

circles everywhere 011

I'm not sure when I will be posting again - I wanted to cry when I looked at my calendar this morning - but I will post sooner rather than later.  Hopefully.... ;)

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Mason & Karen said...

Little man is FIERCE!! Holy moly, he's growing WAY too fast. Glad he's enjoying himself this year, too :)