Monday, February 18, 2013

Ready for a Warm Up

I remember thinking to myself sometime last November about how stacked/full the next few months were going to be so I kept chanting, "If I can just make it through Mid-February...".  Well, Mid-February is here so that means the Holidays have long-since finished, the Sticks and String Event happened last month (aka the dye-a-thon is over), I completed my ACLS renewal for work last week, and the Annual Fart Food Party has come and gone...  Maybe now I can exhale.  I know the Dreams in Fiber Household is getting antsy - too much time cooped up and working; warmer temperatures and elbow room is what we desire.  In the hopes of spending a few hours outdoors before the next big snowstorm hits later this week, we decided to go for a walk to a nearby playground and stretch our legs.  Unfortunately, we timed our little outing poorly and the temps kept dropping while the winds kept howling so it was an abbreviated trip.  I even did an about-face after we had headed out and walked back home to get the car and woolens because I knew the hubby and minions would be frozen by the time they arrived at the playground.

this and that february 2013 034
this and that february 2013 020

It's rather difficult to get a decent picture of them as they get older, especially when my hands were shaking a little bit.  A lot of my attempts turned out like these.

this and that february 2013 035
this and that february 2013 039

Every now and then I get lucky though and you can see their face/not overly blurry.

this and that february 2013 075
this and that february 2013 067

When did they get so big?

this and that february 2013 044
this and that february 2013 087
this and that february 2013 098_crop

I know I keep saying that, but I swear every time I go through photos I cringe inwardly at how fast time is flying by.

It's been a busy month for me so far, but I have made some good progress, too - I finished up the next Snow White Club pattern/test-knit and am midway through the last Snow White pattern.  I have tidied up the first 2 Camelot patterns (I will be co-hosting a Camelot-themed Yarn Club later this year with Fresh From the Cauldron so stay tuned for that), and I have been plugging away on some of my WiP's.  Plus, thanks to the Fart Food Party, a lot of my Spring Cleaning is done!  This week, I hope to get a fair amount of knitting done while getting a good chunk of dyeing out of the way, not to mention stocking up for the upcoming weather.  Spring, where did you go?  I thought I saw you peeking out around a corner there for a minute but perhaps my eyes deceived me.

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Mason & Karen said...

Seriously, your kids are gigantic. When indeed. Pics of the party? :)