Monday, October 08, 2012

Autumn Antics

My immune system and I are not seeing eye to eye at the moment;  I have things to do, and it keeps telling me otherwise thus attempting to ruin the days I have off work.  The minions and I had a nice little Wednesday last week - we played outside, we went to the zoo after school, we raked some leaves, we read some books, I got some knitting done...  Thursday morning arrived and found me all sniffly and poorly.  I am not happy about this, not happy at all.  I've pumped so many herbal remedies into my body at this point (which usually takes care of things, mind you) that I bet it could knock down a cow but it's not helping me at all this time.  So pissed.  o.o

However, I absolutely refuse to let a case of sniffles slow me down.  Like I said, it's Autumn, and I have things to do!  Like spending as much time outdoors as I can and taking the minions to the Farm Crawl despite my sniffles.  We didn't go to all of the farms in the Farm Crawl this year, but we hit a few that were lots of fun and we have plans for going again next year.  We may opt out of the corn maze next time, but we'll see -- the minions decided to take the lead whether the hubby and I were good with that or not, but as little man will tell you, he led us out of the maze and back into the rest of the activities ;)

autumn antics 040_crop  
autumn antics 042
autumn antics 045
autumn antics 041

There were pumpkins and apples and hay mazes and a corn maze.  We went down slides and on a hayrack ride.  We bought honey and root beer and cinnamon rolls and fiber (yes, I scored myself 2.5 oz of a nice dark Romney and 1 oz of grey alpaca!) and pumpkins of every size.

autumn antics 037
autumn antics 115
autumn antics 119
autumn antics 046
autumn antics 048
autumn antics 052

The minions climbed mountains of hay (and found a bunch of it in their shoes) and watched a daredevil goat while waiting for the pumpkin chunkin.

autumn antics 090_crop
autumn antics 094
autumn antics 074
autumn antics 080
autumn antics 060
autumn antics 148

And we saw the sincerest of all sincere pumpkin patches - perhaps the Great Pumpkin will stop by this year.

 autumn antics 106
autumn antics 114
autumn antics 069

It was a fun little outing to be sure.  The minions are not done enjoying the cool Autumn days though.

autumn antics 153_crop
autumn antics 164_crop
autumn antics 235
autumn antics 184

Did you notice the missing tooth there on the bottom?????  That's right folks - little miss has now lost her first tooth!

autumn antics 221

Now that they are older, a regular leaf pile just isn't always enough....

autumn antics 273
autumn antics 192
autumn antics 266

We didn't always make it through the pile.

autumn antics 227
autumn antics 260

"What?  What are you talking about - of course we made it through the pile each and every time!"

autumn antics 251
autumn antics 195_crop
autumn antics 187

So far, only one of the many trees around our yard has unloaded their leaves so there are plenty of these...

autumn antics 299


autumn antics 003

I'm almost afraid to see what they come up with for the next leaf pile...

I do have a wee bit of knitting to show :)  I decided to send out a few Holiday gifts early and am hoping that my SIL K will be too busy with her party planning to check the blog until after she gets the packages I sent her tomorrow.  Z is turning 3 and needed a hat and I had a request for fingerless mitts so I drew up a quick train chart and made a hat and non-matchy matchy mitts to go with it.

autumn antics 023
autumn antics 022

They are a bit snug on little miss so I am hoping they will fit him just right.  And, I couldn't leave little H out, now could I?  I had some handspun BFL in my Slumber colorway sitting there so I made good use of some of it and made her a wee bonnet.

autumn antics 029

That's it for now.  It is past my sickly bedtime but I wanted to get a post in.  Here's hoping everyone is enjoying some cooler temperatures but if you're not or you don't have any leaves to jump into, little man wanted me to let you know that you can always play with dirt!   o.O

autumn antics 323

I did want to point out here that the shoes little man is wearing in the above photo are mine.  MINE.  The kid is growing faster than a castor bean plant!


Mama K said...

Hi! I found you from Ravelry and I was just wondering if you make and sell the fingerless mitts. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red and yellow ones, but I don't knit and would love to have a pair for Cyclone games. If it's at all a possibilty, could you let me know what you would charge for making them and for shipping? Thanks so much!


Rani said...

Glorious fall days!!! NOW, get yourself to bed with some tea and give your body a chance to rest and heal. You deserve it!