Sunday, June 03, 2012


It's been a busy time for the Dreams in Fiber Household.  It seems like things were all happening at the same time and now they've all ended or are close to ending.  It's sort of a reality check really - "Where am I and what was I doing?"  It feels weird to be able to pause for a moment.

Memorial Day Weekend was good.  I had to work Saturday and Sunday but I had Monday off so the family and I spent a lot of time outdoors.  The hubby and I took the minions to a nearby lake and let them scope out rocks on the beach and test their balance skills.

lake, gardens, and yarn 001
lake, gardens, and yarn 013
lake, gardens, and yarn 015

There was hiking and butterfly gardens and photographs to be taken.  We're still working on staying to the right while venturing about on a bike trail but that will come ;)

lake, gardens, and yarn 033

The minions made it through another school year.  They are both doing well and are already well on their way to completing their Summer Reading Program only a few days into said Program.  Fortunately I have some educational-type plans for them over the Summer so they wont get too bored.  

Little miss had her last soccer game this afternoon.  She was a bit sad to see the Season end but was happy to receive her participation medal just the same.

last soccer game 037

Little man has 2 games left and his Season will be over as well.  The hubby's Seasons will go well into August so we're not completely free from ball season.

I've actually been able to knit a bit and have some FO's that I can't show you yet.....  Some projects have yet to be gifted and one pattern wont go out until next month so I'll show you that one later.  However, last Summer I finished up a cowl for Fresh From the Cauldron's Rainbow Barf Club and can finally show you that one!  I lost all of the pictures of said cowl when my computer crashed so you'll have to make due with one I had on Flickr that I didn't use in the pattern.

late july 2011 062

The cowl was gifted last December so I didn't have it on hand to take new photos.  What are you going to do?  Back up your files, that's what you're going to do!  That reminds me, I should do that again....

Lately there's been lots of knitting and dyeing and spinning and cleaning and baking and spending time outdoors and I'm just happy to be in the moment.  My To Do list isn't going anywhere though so I keep plugging away at things.  The final LOTR Club shipment went out this past week so once the final pattern is released I will put up a post that encompasses all of the colorways and links to the patterns -- the colorways wont be available for a while, but the patterns will be available soon.  It was a challenging Club but I was happy with how things turned out.  I am fortunate in that I am able to work with 2 fantastic and very talented ladies on a regular basis which makes projects like these seem effortless.  Well, almost effortless ;)  AND, next weekend is the Adel Sheep and Wool Festival and I always look forward to that - maybe I can get some photos this year!

Yesterday we took a family outing to a nearby garden so the minions could run around and I could take some photos of those projects that I can't show yet....  

 lake, gardens, and yarn 153

The minions were very excited to get up close and personal with some ducks (that assumed they had food) and we saw a Blue Heron!  It was rather funny to watch it hunt - there were tons of frogs just leaping across the funk on top of the pond to get away from it - you would have thought they were grasshoppers.  The minions got a kick out of it anyway. 

lake, gardens, and yarn 177_crop

The weather should be nice this week so I am planning on dyeing up a few things and enjoying the nice weather - hope you're able to do the same!

lake, gardens, and yarn 149

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