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The Dreaming Pickle Pot's Lord of the Rings Club - in Review

The Dreaming Pickle Pot's Lord of the Rings Club - in Review:

Jen (of Fresh from the Cauldron), Krysten (of Gherkin's Bucket) and I just finished up our Lord of the Rings Club.  Trying to limit something as huge as LOTR to fit neatly into a yarn Club was a daunting task.  It was decided that the colorways should come from notable quotes from the books/films so the three of us wrote down our personal favorites and then we got on a conference call and talked for the better part of the afternoon and hashed out all the details.

Krysten started things off with I know what Hunts You and Even the Smallest PersonEven the Smallest Person was paired with a fun sock pattern.

s and c 026
s and c 027

My first shipment came next and I had Is it Secret, Is it Safe and We Even Forgot Our Own Name.  My pattern was: Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe in the Is it Secret, Is it Safe Colorway. 

lotr bag plus r2d2 feb 2012 014

As luck would have it, I didn't actually keep any of the We Even Forgot Our Own Name skeins and didn't take a picture of them beforehand so I stole this one from Krysten.  Thanks Krysten!

The third shipment belonged to Jen and she put forth They Come in Pints and The World is Changing.

s and c 031
s and c 030

 I did the pattern for this month's shipment to go along with The World is Changing - Fellowship Scarf.

lake and lotr in feb 2012 075

Krysten was up again for the 4th shipment and sent out It is Mine to Give and A Wizard is Never Late.  She put out a pretty scarf pattern to go with It is Mine to Give.

 s and c 034
s and c 035

Back to me for the 5th shipment - I am No Man and With A Friend.  The pattern was Warrior Maiden Mitts which featured the I Am No Man Colorway.

Eowyn Mitts 001

And since the only With A Friend skeins I kept for myself were darker than the rest (which is why I kept them and didn't send them out), I'll have to go with this rather shoddy photo.

LG 004_crop

Jen brought us to a close with Worth Taking A Long Time To Say and The Board is Set, the Pieces are Moving.

last soccer game 085
last soccer game 084

The final pattern was Fimbrethil that went along with Worth Taking A Long Time To Say and was designed by the Worcester Knitting Company.

There you have it.  The LOTR Club in its entirety.  We wont stay idle for long though - the Ladies and I are putting on the second round of the Divas Club this Summer, followed by a Willy Wonka Club and in 2013 (assuming those pesky Aztecs are wrong...) Krysten and Jen are teaming up for an X-Files Club in the first part of the year and Jen and I will be doing a Camelot Club in the second part of the year and we'll have the 3rd round of Divas sandwiched in between.  Should be a lot of fun!

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