Monday, April 02, 2012


Little miss had her first official Soccer game this past weekend. I don't know that she was quite ready for all that running (doesn't help that she has finally succumbed to the cough/virus that little man and I have been dealing with for 2+weeks now) and could be a bit more aggressive but overall she had a good time and we are very proud of her!

Warming up

first soccer game 2012 003_crop

In the game

first soccer game 2012 025_crop
first soccer game 2012 068

After (aka "man I'm tired")

first soccer game 2012 091

We had a very productive weekend actually. The hubby had a tournament for his USSSA teams, little miss had her game, little man finally made it to the bike trail sans training wheel and rode to "the special bridge" so he was extremely happy about that, the minions and I ventured to an overpriced Dinosaur deal at the fairgrounds but the kids had a good time so..., I got the yard mowed and went on the roof and trimmed some dead branches that were close to hitting the house/scooped out the massive nest in our gutter but it sounds like they're back at it this morning... Didn't get much knitting done but I did break out my spindle and finished up a few more mini skeins - I'll show them all when I'm done with them.

Now it's back to the daily stuff. Have a great week!

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Mason & Karen said...

Go Little Miss!! Tell her that her aunt, uncle, and cousin are very proud of her too! Looks like she was right in the middle of all the action. We also can't wait to see little man ride his bike in a few short months!