Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I suppose I should put up a "Yeah, Spring is Here!" post but really, without having an actual Winter, this Spring just doesn't have that sense of relief/finally some warmer weather sort of feel. But, our first flowers are starting to come up and the hubby mowed the yard for the first time this season, and the minions are having a lot of fun playing outside without having to wear a heavy coat/snow pants.

flowers and shawl 026
flowers and shawl 031

Speaking of firsts, this past weekend little man finally overcame his fear of 2 wheel bike. He was doing so well a while back and we had an incident on a bike trail where he lost a training wheel (we left them on for longer bike rides at the time) and ever since then he had a mental block. The hubby fixed the back wheel of his too-small-for-him bike and that's all it took. He felt more confident with his feet firmly on the ground and let loose.

riding bikes 003_crop
riding bikes 002_crop

These photos were not from last weekend because where was I? Oh yeah, I missed this milestone because I had to work all weekend. Hooray! And I had to work again yesterday so I missed little miss' soccer practice and little man's first attempts (he succeeded by the way) at wheelies.

lake and projects 039_crop

Again, hooray me! How I love that job of mine!!!!!!! That photo was from a different practice. I wont get into the number of soccer games and baseball games that I have the opportunity to miss while I tend to bedpans or that I still have yet to find some sort of sitter for the minions during the Summer because I would prefer to keep them out of daycare if at all possible......

Back to the series of "firsts", the Dreams in Fiber household busted out the tools a few weekends ago and little man was very into helping bust up the big logs.

lake and projects 019
lake and projects 003

And thanks to some rain, little miss got to use her umbrella. She is modeling a hat I recently finished.

lake and projects 054

I bought this fiber years ago and spun it up and wasn't sold on the color. At all. I thought I would see what it looked like knit up before I overdyed it. I still have about half of the skein of handspun left and can't decide if I want to keep this hat the way it is or drop it in my kettle and make it a bit more to my liking. Fugly or not, it will keep somebody's head warm in the Winter though and I still have enough yarn to make a slightly smaller version :) This is a more accurate photo of the hat color - I don't think she's very decided about the color either...

lake and projects 060

My sewing machine broke during the middle of my Holiday sewing last December so I was not able to complete half of my Holiday projects nor any of the projects that I wanted to make for various holidays or for the Etsy shop... and I haven't been able to get it fixed or buy a new one yet so I decided to get my weave on. One of my Thursday Night Knitting Ladies gifted me an inkle loom last Fall and I managed to sweettalk my FIL into making a shuttle for me and after meaning to get to it for months, I had a wild hair that I had to satisfy and wove my first ribbon.

lake and projects 085
lake and projects 092

It's not perfect, and I'm still learning but it was so fun to make I even made a few little rugs for an upcoming project of mine that I'll take photos of when I am finished. I see a lot of ribbons in my future. Ultimately I would like to land myself a rigid heddle loom so I can make scarves and placemats and tablerunners and such but that wont be for a while. Until then, I have what I need to make a plethora of handles and decorations :)

Now that the weather has warmed, I mentioned that the minions have been enjoying themselves. They have taken to playing some sort of stop and go game that I haven't figured out yet but I think that's because the rules change every few minutes. At any rate, it allows little miss to exert some authority which makes her happy.

yarn and fiber 081

It just gets harder and harder to keep them in focus as they get older....

yarn and fiber 094

I have been making the most of the warmer weather as well and have been dyeing a little bit. I have my next LOTR Club shipment to dye in the very near future but in the meantime, here are all of the Inspired by Dr. Who Colorways on my Merino/Nylon Superwash Sock.

L to R: #9, #10, #11, The Scarf, The Box
yarns 002

L to R: Delete, Exterminate, Captain Jack, Vast Expanse, Regeneration
yarns 004

L to R: The Ood, Donna, Amy, Sarah Jane Smith
yarn 003

L to R: Martha, Bigger on the Inside, Jackie, Rose, Mickey
yarn 034

Sorry - I tried to get them into a mosaic but I couldn't get all the yarn to remain in the photos due to how they were being cropped.

I also dyed up a few new colorways that will be going up in the Shop once I can dye a few more - some of my Thursday Night Knitting gals snagged a few. I have had some colorways floating around my head for quite a while that were inspired by things I loved growing up. Some poems, some songs, some places. I think I will dye a few at a time through the Summer.

The Highwayman

yarn and fiber 124

Earthbound Misfit

yarn and fiber 136

And my beloved Guinness...

yarn and fiber 116

I also have a sneak peak of a project I made for a friend of mine. I feel relatively safe posting this since I don't think she frequents the blog too often but just in case I wont show the whole thing now. This is a OOAK colorway that came about because I flubbed up a different colorway and had to overdye it. It rather reminds me of a rose garden.

flowers and shawl 017

I suppose I should get back to laundry and pick up the house so I don't miss any more firsts this afternoon since I don't have to work today ;)


Rani said...

Wow! You've been busy. There is nothing so sweet as breaking out those bikes in early spring! WHoooo hooooo.

Thanks for all the fiber eye-candy.

Bea said...

That hat is one of my favorite colors. I think you should leave it as is :)

Molly said...

How did I forget about your geeky-themed yarn! Glad to see you guys are out and about enjoying this weather too - we've outside everyday so much that Henry gets up in the morning and goes straight to the door, banging on it to go out and play!