Sunday, October 23, 2011


It occurred to me the other day that I had some FO's that I never got around to posting about. Earlier this year little miss was flipping through one of my books and decided that I needed to make her this particular bag in different colors so we headed to our LYS and she got to pick out the colors she wanted and she told me what color to put where. This was crocheted using Cascade 220 and then felted. She wore it for that one day and hasn't used it since. Yup...

6_26_11 (cont) 056
6_26_11 (cont) 084

These are the minions' back to school socks. The other pictures only showed their wee cuffs so here are the actual socks after many wears so they are less than freshly knit. However, they are both holding up well which makes me happy!

october 2011 002
october 2011 006

I received word a few weeks ago that my Grandma D could use a neckwarmer so she got one. It had to be neutral and soft and I happened to have a few skeins of an alpaca/bamboo blend sitting there with no particular plans so voila! A soft neutral neckwarmer.

october 2011 016

One of my favorite things about Autumn is the explosion of color. Unfortunately with the high winds of late the color explosion has been an abbreviated one but we were fortunate enough to enjoy a lovely yellow view from our backyard for about a week.

october 2011 007

Now I just need to make a massive leaf pile and let the minions dive in - perhaps later this week during one of my days off. Speaking of work, work is going - nothing too exciting to report there. Although I was insanely happy about starting IV's and what-have-you again. I know, it sounds rather cruel and nasty but that is an occupational hazard of my profession I suppose.

The minions had conferences and both are doing quite well and little man got to experience his first "drop off" Halloween Party yesterday afternoon so he was pretty pleased about that! The minions are dressing up as Vader and Little Red Riding Hood this year. Remember this? Well, little miss has finally embraced the Little Red Riding Hood cape. She's worn it around the house for dress up now and again since then but this will be the first actual Halloween outing using it.

A few weeks ago we were at the in-laws' lake house briefly during a wedding weekend for my Uncle and Aunt and the minions got in one more (last?) boat ride for the year and of course there were critters. Little man even got in some writing time. I sewed up a handful of books and he is going through them like they were Kleenex. Looks like I will be making more in the future. Perhaps I have a budding author on my hands :)

october 2011 068
october 2011 101
october 2011 072
october 2011 050

The wheel has continued to turn and we find ourselves in caterpillar season. These puffballs are quite plentiful and both kids were rather enamored with their new friends.

That's about it for now. I'm trying to keep my head above water and find some sort of balance in my new schedule/responsibilities and many Holiday lists have been started. I continue to knit on little miss' sweater and have one sock for little man done but no photos yet. And of course the patterns...

Hope you are enjoying a lovely Autumn!

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