Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer's End

With Fall around the corner, the Dreams in Fiber Household headed South for a little R&R over Labor Day weekend. This provided the hubby with a chance to impart some of his grasshopper catching knowledge to little man.

August and Apples 199
August and Apples 215

There was a bit of rain now and again but that didn't stop little miss. Fortunately things cleared up for a fire one evening.

August and Apples 022_crop
August and Apples 543
August and Apples 493

Critters were caught and we even found a new-to-us species of spider. Evidently this is a "crab spider" and they come in different colors (and some change color). Truth be told though, I don't care what color they are, they creep me out.

August and Apples 369_crop
August and Apples 405_crop

More proof that spider season is upon us. I don't even want to know what this one is. I'm pretty sure it's no longer with us....

August and Apples 001_crop

Over the course of the weekend I met several new grasshopper friends and even invited a toad for tea. One does want to be polite :)

August and Apples 005
August and Apples 043

It was nice to see the hummingbirds out and about as well.

August and Apples 106_crop

A little bit of minion for you. You don't really get many opportunities to take a picture of little man without something in front of his face these days...

August and Apples 298
August and Apples 426

Hope the rest of your Summer is nice and relaxing.

August and Apples 051

And if you happen to be out mowing, don't try to mow over one of these! Just ask my FIL...

August and Apples 179

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Mason & Karen said...

LHF!! How fun! Those shops were so captivating as a kid. I hope they still are.

Is the lawnmower OK? :)