Monday, September 12, 2011

Apple Fest

Nothing shouts Autumn is Here! like apples and this past weekend I took the minions to Living History Farms for their Apple Festival. It's been quite a while since my last visit to LHF and it was the minions' first trek out there and I will admit, it was fun to go again and revisit an old haunt through new eyes. Some things had definitely changed though - the stores used to be a lot more interactive and busy but I suppose that went away when they built their big welcome center/gift shop. And I don't think they let you eat any freshly-made samples anymore; everything is out of a container which is a bit disappointing though understandable I suppose.

In case you haven't been to Living History Farms, here are some photos that I took during our outing.

August and Apples 627
August and Apples 672
August and Apples 677
August and Apples 674
August and Apples 697

There is a main town section that houses oodles of fun buildings with little treasures inside.

August and Apples 649
August and Apples 669_crop
August and Apples 667
August and Apples 660
August and Apples 751
August and Apples 673
August and Apples 745
August and Apples 663

The minions got to try their hands at the apple press/cider maker machine. Sorry, I'm not up on my technical terms there... You put apples in, turn the crank which chops the apples up and the pieces land in a bucket which is then pressed for the juice.

August and Apples 684
August and Apples 678
August and Apples 710

Man those apple fritters were tasty!

My favorite part though, was wondering around and seeing all the handmade lovelies - the women that were in the houses were all knitting or crocheting something and their handiwork was displayed all around. Perhaps I was born in the wrong era - making things at home while tending to the kids, handwritten letters instead of emails, farm-fresh food...

Done by Hand Mosaic

The minions had a good time there and I foresee us going again. There's a Prairie Christmas something-or-other in December that I am curious about.


essjay said...

Great photos! Glad the kids had a great time!

Wall-to-wall books said...

Wow! This place looks cool! I wanna go there!