Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last One of the Year

This is that jolly time of year where we are supposed to reflect on the past year and speak of resolutions for the upcoming one. I'm not a big resolution-maker; I like to make lists instead. So instead, I'll show you a few pictures of the minions and one more Holiday project photo (since I forgot to take a picture of the finished pair of socks I gifted to the hubby's Grandmother, oops!).

late december 2010 041
late december 2010 070

An earflap hat was requested by my SIL so that's what she got - this was knit using my handspun (2ply, worsted/HW, fiber: Fluff Oatmeal BFL in the Frog Prince Colorway). I rather liked how it spun/knit up.

holiday projects 2010 005_crop

Technically speaking, I do have a rather crummy shot of my G-MIL first finished sock that I never uploaded originally because I was going to finish those socks in plenty of time to take a much much cooler picture of later. Ha ha. I finished that sock the night before I gifted them to her so there I was in the hotel soaking the pair and hitting them with the hairdryer so they'd be dry by the next morning :)

late november 2010 052

They were on time though! Actually, I was only late on 1 item that was gifted - the rest I'm not counting because I pushed them back into January/February anyway, so there!

All in all it wasn't a bad year for me fiber-wise. I ended up knitting 15.2 miles worth of yarn this year (though I did count the Dark is Rising Club spinning because A) that was a lot of yardage, and B) it took up a lot of knitting time. I didn't count any other spinning though). Combine that with last year's 11 miles and holy hell, I made it through my marathon! Woohoo!!

This year's project tally:
hats: 17
cowls: 6
pairs of mitts: 3
sock pairs: 6
bags: 2
scarves: 3
single socks: 7
pairs of mittens: 5
pairs of legwarmers: 1
ornaments: 6
eye pillow: 1
shawls: 2
gnomes: 4
misc little projects: 7
towel: 1
dishcloths: handful
new original patterns on Ravelry: 11

What else did I do in 2010? Both minions are in school now, I started volunteering in their respective classrooms a few times a week, the minions grew by leaps and bounds and did well in school and during swimming lessons over the Summer, I got my yard mowed in the Spring before my neighbor did (mwahahaha), AND most of our leaves were bagged up before the snow arrived (this is huge! trust me), there was a lot more spinning/working with handspun, I began stranded knitting and haven't looked back since, and I put on my first solo largish Yarn Club. Not too shabby. Though I really fell off the sock wagon this year - what the hell happened there? That will have to be remedied in 2010 -- Guess I have a resolution after all! The hubby and I will also be starting our second run-through of P90X so that will be fun. After I make it through the first week again anyway.... That first week is a killer!

I have the Knit In coming up at the end of January that I am busy dyeing for at the moment and I have some plans for new colorways and kits and Clubs and Collaboration Clubs... Busy busy busy and loving every minute of it! Goodbye 2010 and Hello 2011!


Mason & Karen said...

Geez missy, that is quite the list! LOVE the earflap hat :) Also love the pics of the kiddos in those huge heads.

essjay said...

What a busy knitting year! Here is to a fantastic 2011!