Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer's End Part 2 of 2

After exhausting ourselves during our zoo exploration, we loaded ourselves back into the van and headed down to the in-law's lake house.

It was nice and windy and perfect for kite flying!

If you happen to live in or are visiting the Midwest right now, you can attest to the fact that it is now grasshopper season and boy were they in abundance last weekend! Little man has become quite skilled at catching things and he didn't even have to stop flying his kite to catch this one.

Speaking of catching things, I think I've lost count when it comes to how many frogs and toads little man has caught over the Summer. Here's his latest toad.

Naturally he was very pleased with himself and why shouldn't he be? It was a nice catch! He does like to introduce himself to all of his finds and shakes their hands (I use the term loosely) before he finds them a nice little habitat and he always releases them. And then I make him wash his hands thoroughly ;)

The hubby was the one that actually found this little fella in the garden while he was harvesting some peppers.

Little man had to get in on the action!

At least this one wasn't saucy!

Little man is really enjoying Kindergarten and now considers himself to be "an even bigger man". Little miss starts Preschool soon. I've been busy dyeing and shipping out Club stuff and finishing up various projects that I promise I will show you soon, but it happens to be a gorgeous day and I am going out to enjoy it and to mow my yard because our neighbor across the street hasn't been out doing his for a few days now and it always gets him fired up when he hears someone else's lawnmower! Seriously. He mowed his yard twice one day last week because a person a few houses down was mowing theirs in the morning, and another guy on the other side was mowing his in the afternoon. Our neighbor just can't be outdone I guess ;)

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Mason & Karen said...

Froggies and grasshoppers. Eeeeewww!! It is nice that little man shakes their 'hands'. Very cordial of him. Let's just hope he never meets a porcupine.