Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Summer's End Part 1 of 2

Labor Day weekend has come and gone and it took Summer with it. Summer must have had some pressing agenda because she left us more abruptly than normal. I thought I would break up the Dreams in Fiber Holiday Weekend activities into two posts since they are both heavy on the photos.

I threw some stuff in a few bags on Friday night so we could get a jump on Saturday morning which involved driving over to Omaha, Nebraska and visiting the Henry Doorly Zoo. Little man wanted to explore the Desert Dome and had fun checking out the animals and cacti.

After the Dome, we headed into a different exhibit to see what it had to offer and had the opportunity to learn what tiger fur feels like along the way.

Little miss wanted no part of that action. She was rather curious as to how the sloth can "hang out" like that for "so yong" (we're working on our "l" sounds).

These guys were a lot of fun. There were swarms of people around but this little one in particular found something of interest to look at.

I guess whatever it was amused him.

Then we found more saucy animals. Maybe I just have a knack for finding them.

Of course, it is entirely possible that they are not saucy at all, but amused. Perhaps I amuse members of the animal kingdom. I mean if the monkey thought something was that funny, maybe they just can't help themselves! Either way...

Here's a few more images from our zoo adventure.

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Mason & Karen said...

Perhaps the animals find YOU