Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Staying Cool

The heat and humidity this Summer has been something slightly less than ideal, especially this past week. So naturally, the Dreams in Fiber household did what most Iowans do when they need to cool off, we hit the water.

This was the minions' first beach/lake/sans life jacket (though within easy reach of an adult) experience and they had a good time. As a Mom, I was pleased to see that some of the things they learned in swim lessons earlier this Summer has stuck with them.

Little miss wasn't too sure what to think of all the sand sticking to her feet.

Little man got to use some of his "moves" on the hubby, too.

It was too hot to stay out for very long and we timed it so we were leaving as the masses were arriving which was also a plus - how often do you get a beach all to yourself?


Rani said...

A nice swim can make your whole day just peachy. Looks like a load of fun had by all! I'm loving this heat, too. It won't be too long before that north wind doth blow....

karen said...

Looks like a fun time! Little man is looking more and more like his dad :)