Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cramming it all in

3 days. 3 whole days left before my little man starts school. Gulp. I remember Summers lasting a lot longer when I was a kid. Now they just go by in an instant. Since this Summer is coming to a close, the minions and I are trying to load up these last few days of freedom with lots of fun. We headed out to the Iowa State Fair this past Friday and it was a good time - it wasn't as busy as it was when we went last year, and we managed to beat the rain which is always a bonus.

The minions had a lot of fun scoping out the animals in the barns, hitting the giant slide, and exploring new sights and sounds.

I found this particular goat to be rather saucy.

When it comes to little man though, I think the ultimate highlight from this year's Fair was the model train set-up. It was huge, it was elaborate, and it was to scale which is very impressive due to its layout. This was his favorite car.

This weekend we headed down to the lake for some R & R. The minions enjoyed a little beach time, Grandpa H showed them how to float properly, and both minions spent a good chunk of time scoping out all the snails in the area.

Fall is right around the corner and I couldn't be happier about that fact. Thanks to a freak cold front a week or so ago, the temperatures here actually fell to the mid-60's for a brief instant and I happily took advantage of that arctic bliss and sported some handknit wool socks. It was heavenly. My hands have not been completely idle while we've been trying to squeeze the last drops of fun out of Summer and I'll have some fiber-y goodness to share in the next post. Speaking of posts, were you aware that the last post was my 200th blog post? Yeah, me neither. I should probably pay more attention to things like that, huh?


Liz said...

Wonderful photos! I know what you mean about summer flying by... my son starts 5th grade on Thursday. This summer just went by in a flash. On to fall!

kshotz said...

Ditto what Liz said....great photos!! My son started his jr. year of high school today. Don't know how that happened, it feels like I was dropping him off at grade school yesterday. I am looking forward to fall's temperatures!


Mason & Karen said...

Is that grandpa "floating"? MIGHT want to expose the kids to some other variations. Just sayin.... :) Love the saucy goat.

Rani said...

What fun! And congrats on your 200th post - time does fly when you're having fun, huh.