Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Minion Happenings

It seems as though it's either raining/storming or really hot and humid lately so when it's not too unbearable outside, the minions like to take advantage of their good fortune.  It's serious business!

 The minions are enjoying actual swimming lessons in the mornings which leaves the afternoons open for other outings to the Zoo or to check out the Buffalo, or bike riding, or heading to the library.  We've been doing a bit of school work each day - can't have them forgetting everything they've just learned now can we??  And it goes without saying that it's always a good time to catch a fish.

We even headed out for a bit of sightseeing last weekend.  This is part of one of the aisles.  It was an explosion of explosions!

The end of June is almost upon us which means my baby will be turning 4.  4!!!  How did this happen????  We're planning to have a celebration of sorts this weekend and we still have no idea what we're doing, the cake hasn't been planned or ordered (she can't make up her mind whether she wants Mom to make it or to get it from the store), and no one even knows that we're planning anything yet, well they do now I guess :)  Talk about a Mom Fail Moment!  But I did finish up one of her Birthday presents the other day.

We were discussing what she wanted me to make her for her Birthday while on the way to the store a week or two ago and she told me that I could just buy her a toy at the store.  Like a knife to the gut.  Little man immediately jumped into the conversation "Little miss, Mom is going to be really sad if she can't make you something for your Birthday."  He then informed me that I could make him something for her birthday.  He's so thoughtful!  While at the store, I had the minions pick out a pack of socks each since they go through them like they're tissues and little miss picks out a 3-pack of pink socks with white skulls on them.  Thinking that she had chosen these socks for the color alone, I asked her if those were the ones she really wanted.  Her response:  "Argh, Matey!".  I guess those were the ones she wanted!  Then she told me I could make a matching pair of mittens.  Mittens, coming up!

She likes them, and they fit, so I'm happy.  I even have enough pink yarn left over to make a whole new pair!  I might do that because there are modifications that I would like to make with these like using a thumb gusset instead of the peasant-style thumb.

Other than that, I'm finishing up the goodies for this month's Club shipment and have started dyeing the fiber for the next one...  I've done a bit of spinning (for me), and a bit of knitting, but I don't have any photos at the ready or I just can't show them yet, so stay tuned for fiber-y goodness!  I am off to eat some lunch and mow the yard.  My neighbor across the street did his yesterday which means I'll be a day ahead of him :)

Oh, and little man wanted me to remind everyone that he is a champion...


Rani said...

Fantastic pictures! That is what summer is all about and you captured it so well.

The mittens are adorable. I love girly stuff with an edge.

itsJUSTme said...

Oh my gosh, You sure do get some great pictures, actions shots with the water and all!