Thursday, February 18, 2010


Evidently the fact that I have other Knitting Olympics Projects to finish in the near future has been completely missed by the minions. Little man has officially claimed ownership of the USA hat so naturally this had to follow shortly thereafter: "Mom, me need one of those hats with the bow too!" The pronouns need some work.

So, this was my Wednesday project.

She even got to pick out her own colors from the stash. Of course since I lost MY USA hat, I had to CO for a stranded hat for me... 'Cause I have nothing better to do ;) Not USA colors, but more on that later.

And of course little miss had to pose for pictures in her 'bow hat' just like little man did. How foolish of me to assume that one hat would be sufficient! Don't let this innocent face fool you though!

When she gets her game face going, it's on!

She'll let you have it too. Fierce!

I think the purse adds just the right touch, don't you?


pendie said...

That's a tough little cookie you have there; no wonder you had to hop to it and get the hat done before she unleashed her ire!! She looks adorable in her hat, very pleased no doubt!

Susie said...

Hat is beautiful and Little Miss is more beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Me need one of those hats with the bow too!- Does it have the same effect when a 35 year old kid says it to you? Are you feeling the urge to cast on yet another one?

Rani said...

The purse, the hat, the purple sweatpants. She's got it all going on!!