Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Calling all Readers

The Winter Olympics are coming right up and I know several people participating some way in the Ravelympics (Seriously folks, if you knit or crochet or just like looking at patterns and have not signed up on Ravelry yet, DO SO NOW. Go on, I'll wait. All done? Good, glad to have you back...). I wasn't going to do anything special knit-wise for the Winter Olympics this year and instead, just sit back and enjoy, but.... then I got to thinking. I enjoy watching sports. I also enjoy getting all geared up for a big game or big tournament... Hell, I even had to knit my pair of Deadliest Socks while watching last year's Deadliest Catch Season on the Discovery Channel - which is coming up in the nearer-rather-than-later-future I think, very excited though I'm not sure what I'll make this year, anyhoo - And, I like to knit. I know right? Who knew? Then it hit me. Wasn't there some sort of Knitting Olympics back in 2006? By golly there sure was! AND there's another Knitting Olympics this year! I'm all in.

Of course this information then proceeds to send my feeble little brain into overdrive. What do I do? I'm freaking out. Which direction do I go, which project do I tackle? I can't CO until the 12th and it has to be something new. Since it's for the Olympics, it has to be something I want to make for me so the TNKG Scarf KAL is out - sorry guys, it'll get made eventually, promise! All the while, I'm fighting with myself about my outrageous pile of WiP's and those few projects that I have been meaning to make for so long now that I feel like Jacob Marley... Do you really want to start something new when you've got a list a mile long of things to work on? Yes. Yes I do. Why? That's just the Knitter's way. Or maybe it's just mine. Either way...

Still though, I don't have a plan and that bugs me. I'm big on plans. And lists. Sometimes making lists is in the plan. Okay, let's take a step back and think logically here for a moment shall we? I want to make myself a sweater, but do I have a suitable amount in the stash for a sweater at the moment? Probably not. Sweater's out. Moving on. Something stranded? Perhaps... Do I have the stash? Yup. Can I whittle down my list of TO DO - STRANDED PATTERNS? Possibly. I'll have to come back to this one. How about socks seeing how I've added another 2 pairs of holey socks to my pile in the last week. Sock yarn stash ready and willing? Oh boy! Pattern? Oodles to choose from. So, stranded pattern, socks. Then again, why not tackle my single sock pile and try to finish 3 or 4 socks which then translates to new pairs for me? Technically it's a WiP since the first sock was made prior to the start, but the second socks would be new... Thoughts? Blast it all, now I can't decide.

Okay. I'll put it out there for you. Since it has to be a challenge and I have Feb 12th through the 28th to complete it... Here are my options:

Stranded hat (I'm slower at the stranded thing)
Stranded mittens
2 new pairs of socks (4 socks total)
4 single socks to complete the pairs (4 socks total)

I'll even throw in a little poll for you guys! I'll tally the results at the end of the 10th which will then give me the 11th to get all my things in order for my CO on the 12th :)

Alright folks, have at it!

ETA: it occurred to me that those of you who do not happen to knit might want a visual as to what stranded knitting looks like. Think colorwork!

Stranded Mittens - 5 votes
4 Single Socks - 5 votes
Stranded Hat - 3 votes
Something Else Entirely - 2 votes
2 New Socks - 1 vote
Total Votes - 16

Knitting Olympics Project: It's going to be a surprise since there was a tie for first place!


The Garden Bell said...

I voted, but don't know if it actually went. I voted for the socks. Four unmatching ones are OK. Have a peek in my garden today to see what I'm talking about. Too bad I didn't make these, but I'm working on my Vancouver Olypmic Jacket. Inspired by Luc of course.

Rani said...

I say throw yourself into the UFO pile (or wip) and you'll finish about 10 things!! (if your pile is like mine . . . huge)

Mason & Karen said...

I can just hear you talking a mile a minute :)
I think it's too late, but I vote for the 4 single socks since I'm a big fan of knocking things off the to do list.