Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Did You Do This Week?

All in all, not a bad week. I managed to get a little bit of knitting done. I finally finished my first Deadliest Sock - I hope to CO for its mate in the near future. I love the show Deadliest Catch and thought I would dye up a skein of sock yarn for the show. That was last year. I thought I should probably at least get the pair done this year! I'm also just about finished with a stocking hat for little miss. I've noticed that some of the leaves are actually starting to change colors a bit and I know Fall is right around the corner despite the fact that it is still the middle of July. Last year I was knitting away and ended up knitting up a hat for little miss after the cooler temperatures had arrived and I wanted to make sure that little miss' melon stays nice and warm :) Little man has a few hats to choose from so I'm not too worried about him just yet though he's already asking for another. I tried casting on for a particular pattern but decided early on that that wasn't working for me. So, I thought I would wing it and it got a little out of hand... It's a bit longer than I had in mind originally, but it will still work out okay and there should be pictures of said stocking hat next post.

I did enjoy a knitting first this week, well 2 actually. I was knitting while driving..... while watching buffalo in their natural prairie! Okay, so I was going 5mph or less on a dirt road with no other cars to deal with and the herd was way off yonder, but still.
These aren't the best photos in the world but you get the idea. The zoom on my little point and shoot is what it is. I had no idea that these little beasties were hanging out so close to my house! Live somewhere all your life and you're still surprised on a regular basis. I am very glad that I found out about this place because it has become one of my new favorite places to visit. There's just something about sitting in the middle of nowhere listening to the wind blow the plants and flowers around you while the birds chirp away. It's rather grounding. We also saw an Elk off in the distance during our jaunt but those photos didn't turn out to my liking (i.e., they were worse than these).

Today I took the minions to the zoo along with my Parents, Brother, and Nephew. I didn't really get the camera out today though. In the middle of our zoo is a large playground that I don't normally let the minions play on. I know, bad Mom, but the way it's constructed you really can't see the kids at all which, knowing me... Little man was pretty good about making sure little miss was right next to him while climbing about and I did get this photo of little miss post slide.She also wanted me to get a picture of the rather friendly giraffe that was munching on some leaves beneath our feet.
Since it was a beautiful day, we went back to see if we could get lucky and see the buffalo a little closer. No buffalo to be seen today though it was a nice little trip. We were all alone watching this Elk chomp on some leaves. Again, mind the zoom/fuzziness.Then the other cars showed up flying down the dirt road and missing everything including the Elk. Their loss. If you're not there to really enjoy your surroundings why go at all? Anyway, I'm off to enjoy this beautiful day and finish a hat. Happy Knitting!


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Anonymous said...

Pretty, pretty sock. I love how the colors worked up.

Little Miss's hair is a hoot --- she has a little "static" thing going on there. LOL

Marie said...

Buffalo and a giraffe--my two favorite animals. And a beautiful sock. If I ever blogged, I would hope it would look like yours. Very cool!