Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Visit with Santa and a few more FO's

The minions had a rather unique visit with Santa Claus this year. He decided that he wanted to get a bite at one of our local restaurants! We knew that little man recognized that he was in the presence of greatness because he kept going back and forth between awe and goofiness. His first priority though, was to point out which exact Thomas the Train pack he wanted for Christmas this year. Mrs Claus even made the trip :)
Little miss didn't know quite what to make of Santa and his lovely wife. It took her a while to warm up.
All was well in the end though.
Where did this month go? I did manage to finish up a pair of socks that will be gifted by my MIL to a friend of the family. The pattern is Country Socks from the very talented Nancy Bush.

And, I thought I would post a few other photos of knitted things that were gifted to my SIL K and her hubby M early this year since they are currently on the East Coast for the Holidays. I apologize in advance for the photo quality, I told her that she had to send me some pictures of the hand knits in action after the New Year. First up, another pair of wrist warmers. Very versatile these.
And a Felicity hat to go with them. Once little miss started to model K's hat, little man had to get in on the action as well :)
For K's hubby M, a Jacques Cousteau hat. I had come across some Rowan Chunky Tweed in the Stout colorway a while back and new that it was for M. Later, I found the Jacques Cousteau hat and modified it a bit to account for my heavier yarn/gauge. I was a bit worried that it would still end up being too big, especially since it grew a tad after its bath.

I was told, however, that it ended up fitting M just fine. Phew! Also included in K and M's holiday package were a pair of Monkeys knit with Sunshine Yarn's Twist yarn in the Surf colorway
and a set of felted bowls. For good measure, I threw in a set of coasters made from a couple fat quarters.
I must get back to my WIP's now, I finished up 2 today and still have more than a few to go! Happy Holidays!!!!!


Jean said...

What fortunate recipients. Rowan has some great yarns. The Felicity hat and wrist warmers are so cheerful, that I'm sure folks back east (with all their grey weather) would really love them - they would cheer them up as well as bring a little warmth into their lives.

Karen said...

We love, love, love all the fibery goodness!! The felted bowls have a place of honor in the TV room. They hold the basketballs!! :) And now it's honestly a tough decision every day...do I choose to wear the fingerless gloves or the wrist warmers!! Mason loves his hat. It kept him warm on the slopes in VT...I'll send you a photo! The santa pics are too cute. I miss those little guys.