Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Counting Down... or Up Depending...

A post with actual knitting content, who would have thought? Earlier this year, our friend, J, from the Netherlands asked if I would knit something for him to give his wife for her birthday in December. Naturally I agreed and set about trying to figure out what to make. A surprisingly difficult task! I ended up sending 2 projects for her simply because I wasn't sure if she'd like either one. Seeing how I received a thank you note this morning, I thought it would be okay to post some photos.

This past Autumn, I found a pattern for a fun cowl that I thought M might like. The Ravelry link can be found here. It is the Crofter's Cowl and I knit it up using Malabrigo Worsted in the Stonechat colorway. I then found a skein of sock yarn from White Willow at Etsy.com and tried to knit up a pair of socks. 5 times. I didn't like how any of them were turning out so I had the idea to pair the yarn with Knitspot's Delicato Mitts pattern. I thought they turned out well, perhaps a bit big for me but then most people's hands are larger than mine. I hope they fit.

I was also able to use a bit of stash yarn to make a Toast-y pair of wrist warmers for J and M's daughter, M.
For good measure, I threw in a set of felted bowls and used up some fabric scraps to make some patchwork coasters.
Happy Holidays guys!

Other than that package's safe arrival, there's been a lot of birthday action going on recently. Little man turned 4, the hubby turned 30, my nephew turned 1, the hubby's cousin, M turned 5... A big THANK YOU for those who gave presents to little man and the hubby. All were well received and, to be perfectly honest, I lost count of who gave what so, sorry about that! Thank you though :)

I am also quickly losing Holiday knitting time. I will not get everything done. I hate that. I hope that those of you whose gifts will not be completed know that I go for quality over quantity and they will be completed as soon as possible!!! Off to knit :)


Bea said...

Pretty pretty things...

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Beautiful job on the cowl and wristwarmers. How you found the time to make the coasters as well beats me!

I love the felted bowls, though. MUST make those. (Time, time, we need time...)