Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sunday Snapshot

There is not much new on the knitting/dyeing front to report. I'm waiting on supplies for dyeing and after suffering from a bit of Second Sock Syndrome, I am now on the cuff portion of Mom's second Dublin Bay sock.

I mention my in-law's lake house rather frequently in my posts so I thought I would provide a little glimpse of what a normal Sunday with the minions looks like when we are at the lake. My MIL and FIL are planning on adding a wee addition to their existing lake house/garage so the weekends that we spend down there are spent playing around a little and working a little. My hubby and I started this past Sunday off with a nice little 2 mile stroll with the minions in tow so my FIL could finish mowing and my MIL could transplant some of the flowers/onions and such that would be in the way for the addition. After the walk was over and my FIL was finished mowing, we took a mini break to play.

Then it was time to dig up the horseshoe pit frames. My hubby did the brunt of the work by his lonesome on Saturday before my FIL and I came down (we both had to work so the hubby took the minions and my MIL down earlier in the day) so this was all that was left. Little man even got in on it!A little more play time...Little miss has very little fear. These next photos show her climbing up to the slide all by herself as well as the chain of events as little man cuts in line.After that it was off to help Grandmama with the onions. Shortly thereafter, it was time for a quick boat ride and lunch.Little man wanted to drive the boat. He was a little tentative at first but quickly warmed up and by the end of it, he owned it! This particular house was recently hit by lightening during one of our many Spring storms.Little miss enjoyed the boat ride, but nap time prevailed.

Hope you enjoyed the little Sunday snapshot!

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