Monday, May 26, 2008

Never Slowing Down

I thought I would try to post before my picture count grew any higher. I am happy to report that I have just a few more rows left in the gusset of Mom's Dublin Bay sock and I have been having more fun dyeing. I do not, however, have any pictures of that to show you. In an attempt to start this post with something fiber-y, I give you one of my MIL's creations. While she has no name, she is the youngest of 23 and is looking for love. A fan of ballroom dancing, origami, and Skee-Ball, she is looking for her soul mate. Though she is not a big fan of sea food, she LOVES Chimichangas and aspires to own her own restaurant. There you have it. Let me know if you happen across any particular fellas.
She was made in part from yarn gifted from our friends in Holland, so a big THANK YOU to J and family.

The minions, hubby, and I have been taking advantage of some nice weather. We went to our local zoo the other day. I remember it being much larger when I was a child. Still, a nice little outing.

I'm going to have to go back just to find out what this bird is, for the life of me I can't remember. I'm sure the minions wont object to seeing all the animals again. :)

We've also been having fun just hanging out in the yard.
Little man is quite the outdoorsman and is particularly fond of flowers.

The hubby has been working with little man on his big boy bike. It's a slow process.

The warm temperatures have also allowed my Iris to bloom. I swear mine are the last in the neighborhood to finally open up!
After getting my hours in at work, the hubby and I took the minions down to my in-laws' lake house. My Mother picked up a couple of minion-sized kites during a business trip to Seattle and it would figure that the one weekend that I forgot to pack them it was nice and windy. My MIL had picked up a couple a few years back so we thought we'd have a go. Sunblock... check... shades.... check.My hubby took the bumble bee kite and wasted no time getting it into the air. Grandmama needed a wee bit of assistance.
We have been having some rain these past few days so the beloved dirt pile was off limits, much to little miss' dismay.
Poor thing, it would seem as though I have passed on a fine trait of mine. It doesn't matter if I am working hard in warm weather of Summer or just too warm in the Winter, my face flushes like nobody's business. Looks like little miss is the same way. It wasn't overly warm yesterday, though it was a bit sticky for my liking.
Little man helped with some landscaping while Daddy and Grandmama were flying kites.
Little miss got in on the kite flying action.

How you doin'? Yeah, the bird takes flight. For a little while at least.

This is perhaps a more accurate photo of how my MIL spent her kite flying time. Lots and lots of knots.
Eventually the bird found his nest.
I was informed that "this grass" is not as soft as the grass back home.
Little miss didn't seem to mind.

The bird has been retired.
After a cool down inside with some refreshments, it was time to uphold a newly-formed family tradition. We busted out the garden hoses.
The hubby thought he could take on little man with just a little water gun.
He thought wrong.

Little man was having so much fun!

Little miss admitted defeat. Actually, she stayed out of it for the most part. She tried to compete with the "big boys" but stayed close to me during my impromptu photo shoot.
Not even Grandmama was safe.
Little man learned an important lesson yesterday.... Grandmama may be older, but she can easily gain the upper hand!
Just drying off.

It wasn't long before he had the bright idea of using two hoses at once, though I am guessing that my hubby played a part in there somewhere.

Toward the end of the day we could start to see the clouds rolling in from the front that tore parts of the Midwest open last night. We were lucky and only had to deal with a lot of wind, rain, and some downed limbs. I wish everyone had fared as well.

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