Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Socks and Spring

Not a lot has been going on in this neck of the woods since my last post. I have made a full recovery from the cold/flu virus of death as have the minions. Finally. The hubby is even over it. In this little span of time I did manage to finish my Bellatrix socks! And, I even managed to finish the Harley Davidson-inspired ribbed beanie for my neighbor B. Nothing too exciting about a ribbed beanie, but the minions had fun trying it on for size.I also finished another little project but it's a surprise so that one will have to wait :)

Springtime is in the air and I have seen evidence outside that a warm up might be coming up soon.
New sprouts amid the leaves that we didn't manage to get to last Fall...
Now that the snow has gone (for now, there was mention that we may get more today in the weather forecast) we can see the leftovers from our gluttonous resident squirrels. Our little warm up has also meant that the minions get to enjoy some outdoor time here and there to burn off some of that energy!
Notice that bright new shiny lawnmower in the background? I am itching to test it out! I love yard work, I just don't get to do it as often with the minions around.Maybe this will be the year that we finally get around to doing some of the work around the house that we've been putting off, such as mending the fence!

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Karen said...

Woo-hoo! Springtime! It's supposed to be in the 70s this weekend here and yard work is on our agenda too...but we don't have such a glorious shiny new machine to play with :(