Monday, March 10, 2008

Pandora's Box

I go and make myself a pair of Fawkes socks and look what happens. They have multiplied themselves into another pair! These are my Another Weasley Quidditch Rib Socks. The colorway is Another Weasley from Sunshine Yarns and the stitch pattern is modified from Charmed Knits. I have done a little bit of work on the Harley Davidson Hat and Grandma D's scarf but these socks are so addicting!

I am planning on starting my pair of Leprechaun Footies later today so they will be ready for St. Patrick's Day next week :)

I suppose I should update you on little man. We enjoyed a 12 day stretch where he did not get sick and then it started up again. The Upper GI was normal so last week little man had to endure an EGD. While he was still under anesthesia, they performed some labs, an ultrasound of his kidneys, and a Renal Artery Duplex all of which came back negative. To the naked eye, the EGD pictures looked fine as well; we are waiting the biopsy results which should arrive sometime this week. If all of that is negative the physician is thinking it may be Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and wants to put him on more meds. He is 3. I know that young children do take medications but in my head he is too young for that and I will probably get a 2nd opinion. So that's that.

Also, last week, my Father had a little knee surgery to repair some ligament damage. All is well there I am told and he goes back in for his post op check today. After his surgical procedure I was able to see my Nephew J, who is around 3 months old now and doing well. I don't know about you but I am ready for some warmer weather. During the last few weekends the family and I have headed down to my in-laws' lake house. It would seem that Mother Nature is having trouble waking up and keeps hitting the snooze button. We (Iowans) will have mini warm-up periods where you see things like this:
and then we will get another cold spell with or without snow. This week we are supposed to reach near 60 degrees Fahrenheit! Time to bust out the shorts :) This weekend was rather cold to let the minions run about but the weekend before the hubby, my MIL, and I took the minions for a little walkabout. Here are some highlights. I know that there is still ice out there on the lake, but when you can see reflections in the water on the lake's surface and little geese are leaving footprints, you wouldn't catch me out there still ice fishing!


Karen said...

All of my warm weather bragging has backfired! We are now back down into the low 50s! Where's my full length down jacket?! :) I can't wait to wear my green socks on Monday! Thanks for all the pics and nice use of sepia!

Anonymous said...

i am loving to read the blog everytime,

greetings from a dutch friend

Erica said...

Glad to hear it! :)

Anonymous said...

hi how are you all dooing besides the words on the blog.
maritte and i are still enyoing the moments with you, adam and the kids. say hi to everyone.


dutch friend