Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fire and Ice

I did something this week that I should have done ages ago. I knit myself a pair of socks. Then again, I suppose one could reason that it might be a good thing I have never actually knit up a pair for myself or the projects I've completed in the past may or may not have been completed! I give you Fawkes. I think I've mentioned some of the specifics before when I was rather iffy on the short row heel but once I finished the toe of the first sock and slid it on.... Divine is the word that came to mind. There was no question that I would finish the pair for myself.
The sock actually stretched out to provide a nice comfy fit and I don't mind the heel too much at all when the socks are on. I only did 3 repeats on the cuff and ended up doing 5.5 repeats for the rest of the sock, completed a little toe and voila! Scrumptious socks just for me.
I finished the first sock this past Tuesday and started the ribbing on the second, Tuesday night. I was a woman on a mission and finished the rest of the second sock yesterday afternoon.
They have been on my feet ever since. Naturally, the sun was shining brightly yesterday as I knit, and today, when I was going to take pictures, gray skies and more snow. Maybe these socks are just bright enough to warm things up. I know they are warming my feet up! I am going to have to move to the Arctic with how warm my feet get while wearing these lovelies.

I still have the Harley hat and Grandma D's scarf on the needles. I am really trying to stay away from the sock yarn collection and casting on for another pair immediately... I promised myself that I would have to complete at least 1 WIP before CO for another pair.

All of this Winter's precipitation has led to some fun days in the snow.We headed down to the in-law's lake house this past weekend and let the minions have some fun outdoor time. The hubby and my FIL decided to take the opportunity for some target practice snowball-style by aiming for a tree across the yard.Little man had a better idea though...He let the hubby make the snowballs and he would then run down the hill to the tree that they were aiming for...and hit dead-on every time! Every time but one, I should say.It took him a while before he figured out where this one went! Little miss even got in on the snowball action with a little help from the hubby.

With any snowfall, a snow angel must be created. Grandpa H tried to show little man how it was done but little man thought it would be a better idea to watch Grandpa do it instead.
Monster Golf in the snow is always a must. After a little more outdoor time, we brought the kids inside to warm up with some bubbles.My in-laws have a rather interesting automatic bubble blower and little miss couldn't quite figure out how it worked.While walking around outside, we noticed a rather impressive icicle on the corner of their shed.On our way home we even saw a bald eagle and got one photo of it before it flew off into the distance.Little miss says hello.

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Rani said...

It's me from Ravelry! What a great blog! Your children are gorgeous! And I like the knit hats!

I noticed that my hubby is not the only one who prefers his Carhardt hat (did I spell that correctly?)