Saturday, May 12, 2007

Where was I?

Ah yes, the charity hats. So I had finished the first Charmed hat and had CO for the second (because when is one of anything really enough?) -- I decided to try for a smaller gauge and used a different yarn that I had in the stash (Lambs Pride) -- when little man decided to "help mommy" by shutting the door as I lost my balance and reached up to the door jam to steady myself. I'm sure any onlooker could tell you what happens next, but I was sick at the time, as was little man, so I was a bit foggy. At any rate, my broken finger seems to be healing nicely. I didn't let that stop me though! I had some incentive to finish up some WIPs.This little skein of Gryffindory-goodness came from my "personal" stash and I wasn't going to allow myself to CO for a pair of socks in honor of the upcoming releases until I finished a couple projects. First up, the Violets socks that I started... gulp... last year.
That's right folks, I finished the first sock back in November I think and the second has been sitting there in my pile just waiting to be finished. The yarn is 100% merino from Sunshine Yarns and I think it is safe to say that I was wound up a little tighter than I have been of late because even though I checked my gauge throughout, the second sock came out a little bigger than the first. Gauge, you are my ultimate nemesis! The recipient didn't seem to mind, but it irritates the **** out of me so I promised her another pair. Next up, I give you the merino scarf. This was also started a while back but I thought I would just toughen up and finish so I could stop fiddling with the splitty yarn. Which, by the way, didn't really soften up to my liking with the first wash, maybe with a second... A simple "k1, yo, k2tog* that ended up blocking out to a tad under 6 feet in length. I've also been working on the TT2 socks and made one of those hexagonal Mason Dixon Washcloths but I gifted that before a picture was taken. Oh well. I'm guessing there will be more :)
I have this bush-like thing (I couldn't tell you what kind it is) on the side of my house that blooms every spring and then spends the rest of the year turning various shades of brown to the point where you're not sure if it's dead or just playing dead. I mention this plant because it goes along with Project Spectrum.
I had a little company this morning when I went out, camera in hand.This would be the hubby's nemesis. Along with the ants. He's trying some sort of homemade concoction to put on the ant hills in our yard. I'll keep you posted because I can tell that you're on the edge of your seats!
Earlier in the post I mentioned that little man was sick. I thought I would elaborate a bit because it's part of the long wait between posts. So little man got a cold which led to an ear infection which then led to antibiotics. In the meantime he gave the same virus to me and to little miss who also developed ear infections.... It's such a lovely cycle. Anyway, somewhere in there little man's body decided that it really didn't care for either the virus or the antibiotics and, after seeing several doctors, he was diagnosed with Erythema Multiforme. For those of you curious enough to find out more information feel free to search to your hearts' content. Basically his entire body erupted in multiple lesions while his immune system worked to clear out the unwanted gunk. I can't even begin to tell you how irritated I am with the "physicians/specialists" that I dealt with. So... I went to my acupuncturist who gave me some herbs and creams and he had pretty much cleared up within 3 or so days. This picture was taken early on before he got too bad. Poor little guy had the lesions in his joints even so his legs were all swollen and he was gimping around the house.... Very hard to watch! I am happy to say, though, that he has since cleared up completely and is doing just fine :)
As you can see!
It would appear that overnight little man has developed a certain aversion to bath-time so I thought I could help persuade him by getting him some special goggles just for bath time... Didn't work. He does like to wear them though because they turn everything "bwoo".
Now we can't post picture of little man and not throw some in of little miss! She is continuing to chat up a storm and is walking all over the house as long as she's pushing something, no solo jaunts yet!
How do they sleep like that?


dorothee said...

Broken finger... ouch! Glad to hear that you all are doing better though. I'm surprised that the kid's doctor gave him antibiotics when he had a virus... 'cos antibiotics don't work for viruses.

That bush is a rhododendron, and quite beautiful! Wikipedia says (I just checked) that this plant prefers acid soils, so maybe the soil in your garden isn't suited well enough for it and that's why it turns brown. My parents have one in their garden, but I can't remember it turning brown.

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

Yep, rhododendron, and looking stunning. They always go brown and dreary looking after flowering - I try to cut off the dead flower heads to make them look more cheerful. They spread and go wild all over West Cork at this time of year which makes for a beautiful effect, but they are in fact a bit of an interloping pest.

Feel for your broken finger and so glad you got some sensible advice on your son's ailment. And I love those sleep pictures. They just have no joints at that age, do they?

anne said...

wow, what a chain of events . . . that rash was just heartbreaking!

and please, don't complian about my enabling by showing you yarn, when you show ME such funny happy baby pix!! that smile totally rocks.